Huerta, Mia

School: Paraclete High School

Future plans: She is going to major in English with a minor in Creative Writing at the University of Arizona. She intends to be a teen therapist in the future, and she will continue writing.

Accomplishments: Mia was the only National Merit Semi-Finalist in the county, and she gained Finalist status. She received several full-tuition scholarships.

Extracurriculars: Mia was a part of two choirs and was heavily involved in Campus Ministry. She also participated in Key Club, soccer, and track.

Favorite quote: "Don't let the lights go down, don't let your fire burn out, cause somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe" --Britt Nicole, "The Lost Get Found"

Favorite memory: On one of our school retreats, we were up where it was snowing. Since it was getting too dark to continue hiking, we instead played Capture the Flag. The twist was that you had to go back to the start if you got hit by a snowball. I remember going on several "stealth missions" to try and get past the other team's defenses. It was really fun!

Advice to future generations: Everyone deserves somebody to listen to them. Be willing and prepared to be the person who listens to others, but also remember that you are worthy of letting other people listen to you. You're not being a burden by doing so.

Parents' names: Daniel and Elizabeth Huerta

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