Well, Christmas has come and gone and for the first time ever, I didn’t get a thing done that I was supposed to do.

I brooded over that until I read a piece by someone in a publication that I don’t usually read, that opened my eyes and made me feel better.

“Are you stressed? Things not going well?” it said, “Don’t sweat it. Nobody’s going to kill you for it. Just relax and think about what you have accomplished during the rest of the year. There’s a whole new year up ahead for you to toy with.”

So that’s just what I did. Thank you to whoever wrote that article and opened my eyes to how to save my sanity to get ready to celebrate as we watch the old go out and make way for the glorious new that starts today.

This is the usual time to make resolutions and plans that you expect to get done during the days ahead. It’s a goal to work on, but keep in mind that they are simply plans, not sentences. So let’s get the resolutions enumerated. If just one of them is accomplished in a reasonable way, we can claim success. Here we go:

1. Stay warm and dry during these winter months. One thing about these is that we have better weather than most other places across the nation. We seldom, if ever, have sub-zero temps.

2. Stay cool during those triple digit temps of summer and plenty of places to go to do fun things without having sunstroke.

3. Hang out more with friends — seniors or young ones — and have great exchanges of opinions with both.

4. Remember to keep an open mind. I am a registered Republican, but there have been times when I have voted the Democratic ticket. In my opinion, Harry Truman was a great president, a great family man. When he had a warning that there was a plan afoot to kidnap his daughter, he was fierce. The would-be kidnappers soon gave up their ideas in order to avoid certain personal confrontations that would mean sudden death or the big house for life. At least that was something they didn’t want to test from the man who ordered the dropping of the atomic bombs.

5. Forgive all your detractors. Holding grudges does nothing for whoever has slighted you. It only plays havoc with your psyche. Freeing your mind of those will be great for you.

6. Make someone else feel good every time you can. It won’t hurt you and what a blessing it will be to that someone else who may pass it on and keep it multiplying.

7. Keep telling your loved ones how much you love them. They need to hear that just as much as you need to hear it from them. Make this the year that keeps everything going as the LOVE year.

Get rid of the lust that has been pervasive in 2018.

8. Clean up the language in movies and television and give us all a break when it comes to being subjected to offensive words like the f--- and s--- and others. I used to tell my boys that using distasteful language like that is an indication that they aren’t smart enough to have an educated vocabulary.

I told them if they needed me to, I could give them some good substitutes for such words that mean almost the same thing.

9. Last but not least: Marijuana. Don’t think it is harmless. It isn’t. Research has found that marijuana consumption lowers the IQ. That alone is enough reason to avoid its use, but there is also the fact that many times it leads to experimenting with more lethal and addictive drugs.

C’mon people, we can change the world with such simple adjustments, while we are also taking care of our own bodies…..even the old, worn out ones like mine. I still expect to hang around to surprise everybody for awhile yet, if my mind will cooperate.

Now is the time. Today is the day. Let’s make it happen.

n n n

Hallelujah! The Antelope Valley Writers Association’s new anthology is now available. Copies are $15 each and can be had from any member who has some stories in it. I have two. The title this year is “Challenges.”

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