Animal ID No.: A5330963

Animal name: Perla

Perla is a gorgeous three-year-old white Siberian husky that came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as an owner surrender because its family couldn’t take care of her anymore. She is very shy when you approach her, but she warms up to you after a few minutes and her friendly personality comes out. Perla enjoys being petted and she loves attention. She knows how to walk well on a leash and knows basic commands. Perla loves to be out in the yard exploring; she will sit by the doors looking at the people passing by. She has participated in playgroups and even though she didn’t engage in play with the other dogs, she was tolerant of them sniffing and greeting her. She was also tested with small dogs and she did very well. Therefore she can go to a home with large or small dogs.

Animal ID No.: A5241632

Animal name: Savana

Savana is a one year, three months old, listed as a labrador/pit bull. Savana is a friendly and happy girl with an outgoing personality. Sje loves coming out into the play yard to explore and let all that energy out. She loves attention and treats and knows how to sit on command. Savana does have a lot of energy, so she would be a perfect dog for a family looking for an active, social dog. Savana is obedient and has a wonderful energy. According to her previous owners, she is good with small children, is learning basic commands and seems to get along well with other dogs. She has participated in playgroups and she engaged in play with all of the dogs in the yard. She also did well with smaller dogs. Meet Savana at the Palmdale Animal Care Center.

Animal ID No.: A5332363

Animal name: Goku

This one-year-old German shepherd is a bit shy at first, but once out in the play yard, he is sweet and cuddly. He has been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since Nov. 4. He has demonstrated a gentle/dainty play style. He would be great with a family that has children at least eight years old and plays well with large dogs.

Animal ID No.: A5331644

Animal name: Nugget

This little 10-pound, three-year-old bundle of love has been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since Nov. 1, coming as an owner surrender. She is an altered female that really enjoys being a lap dog. Hear leash skills are alright, but she much prefers to jump into your arms as soon as you have knelt down to her level.

Animal ID No.: A5329263

Animal name: Opal

If you enjoy gems, Opal is a precious pup to bring home to your family. She is a bit on the shy side but warms up with time. She is about six years old and a spayed female, preferring a calmer environment than can be offered at the Lancaster Animal Care Center. Come visit this darling girl and give her a forever home today.

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