Animal ID No.: A5313941

Animal Name: Rocko

Rocko is an altered male gray and white, pit bull about four years old. He came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as an owner surrender because he loves to explore outside his yard. Rocko is friendly and full of energy, and loves attention. He pulls on a leash but allows to be leashed. He also allows being touched and handled. Rocko could be calm for a moment but because he is playful, he needs agility and engaging playtime in the yard. His sweet demeanor and ability to listen gives him the capability to be trained. Rocko is in kennel P1403 in the adoptable building.

Animal ID No.: A5313535

Animal Name: Archer

Archer is an altered male gray tabby domestic shorthaired cat about six months old. Archer is friendly and does well with people around him. He loves to play and just hang out with you, sitting on your lap. He is more of a people-oriented cat and does not do well playing with other cats. Archer loves to hang out with small kids as well. Because Archer is still young; he could still be trained to get along well with other animals – dogs or cats. Archer is in kennel P1206 in the Cat Condo of the Palmdale Animal Care Center.

Animal ID No.: A5297467

Animal Name: Charlotte

Charlotte is an altered female black domestic shorthaired about 15 years old. She was an owner surrender on July 3 and is the longest resident of the Palmdale Animal Care Center. Charlotte is very people friendly and loves to be with people. She seems to be good with children and is litter box trained. Because of her age, Charlotte needs to be the only cat at home. She loves to be held and is very sociable with people. She allows petting and loves to sit out by the window.

Animal ID No.: A5303934

Animal Name: Keebler

Keebler six-year-old Labrador mix who is quite lovely. He has been out to our playgroups and does well around large and small dogs. He can be timid at first, but opens up in no time. He loves to explore and he even seems potty trained. Visit Keebler at the Lancaster Animal Care Center.

Animal ID No.: A5165161

Animal Name: Thelma

Thelma is a seven-year-old German shepherd mix that is soft as can be. She has been out to our playgroups and does well around other calm dogs. She’s gentle and sweet with a medium energy level. She loves hanging out and sniffing around the yard. She even seems like she could be potty trained. See Thelma at the Lancaster Animal Care Center.

Animal ID No.: A5298233

Animal Name: RJ

RJ is a two-year-old pit bull who is the smartest little girl around. She knows how to sit and give paw, and walks well on the leash. She also loves treats and will be happy to show off her tricks for one. She has been out to the playgroups and does well around other dogs with a medium energy. Her coloring is super unique, so she’s truly one of a kind. Meet RJ at the Lancaster Animal Care Center.

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