Animal ID No.: A5356750

Animal name: Sassy

Sassy is a two-year-old blue pit bull. Sassy has displayed a timid and shy at a first glace. She is friendly once she comes around you and will seek attention. She has a gentle and dainty play style but displays tolerance while at the play yard with other dogs. She could do well in a home with calm dogs, and when her confidence is built, she is very social. She needs a home that will give her attention and would be willing to be patient with her. She loves and seeks attention from people. To make the appointment to meet her at the Palmdale Animal Care Center, call 661-575-2888.

Animal ID No.: A5351753

Animal name: Emelie

Emelie, a two-year-old spayed Rottweiler, is easy to leash and tolerant of being around other dogs but needs to build her confidence. She has shown a gentle and dainty play style and would do well with low-energy dogs like her. When Emelie’s confidence is built with patience and care, she could make a good companion dog. She will greatly benefit with confidence building and behavior training. She loves to be out in the yard with volunteers. She is very curious of her surroundings but also loves attention. Call the Palmdale Animal Care Center for an appointment to meet Emelie.

Animal ID No.: A5357621

Animal name: Karen

Karen is a spayed seven-month old pit bull mix. She loves to hang out with people, often seeking their attention. She is easy to leash and walks well on leash, too. While at the play yard, Karen had displayed a gentle and dainty play style. She was tolerant of a high energy husky and didn’t mind the other dogs coming around to greet her. She prefers to be around calm and low-energy dogs. She would often come around and will lean on her handler to get their attention. She had shown a friendly demeanor. Call the Palmdale Animal Care Center for appointment to meet Karen.

Animal ID No.: A5343759

Animal name: Top Hat

Top Hat is a 10-year-old male German Shepherd that has been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since Dec. 3, coming to us as a stray. When he’s out in play groups, he seems to prefer to be a solo act (no other dogs in the home recommended); for the family that takes him, if children are in the home, they must be at least eight years old. He shows a gentle and dainty play style and has medium energy. He has been neutered. To meet Top Hat, call the care center at 661-940-4191 and schedule an appointment; he’s only $50 to adopt thanks to a monthly promo.

Animal ID No.: A5343738

Animal name: Apple

Apple is spunky and fun, and is a cookie-lover. She has been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since Dec. 30, coming to us as a stray. This little pie of cuteness displayed gentle and dainty behavior in play groups and had medium energy. Since she is so very strong and energetic, the family that adopts her should children at least middle school-aged; if there are already other big dogs in the house, that should be just fine. Call the center to schedule an appointment to meet Apple; the promotional adoption fee is $50.

Animal ID No.: A5356068

Animal name: Macy

Macy is an energetic, sweet, unique pup that is under 30 pounds, and would make a great running partner to help you get outside. Macy has been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since Feb. 27; she was adopted, but that home didn’t work out. She’s spayed, about two years old, and she is believed to be an Australian Shepherd mix. Call to set up an appointment to meet Macy.

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