Animal ID No.: A5347341

Animal name: Oso

Oso is an altered male two-year-old GermansShepherd/Australian cattle dog that thinks he is a small lap dog. He is excited and loves the play yard. He is affectionate and will try to sit on your lap, thinking he is that small to be a lap dog. He needs a strong handler because of his energy. He also will do best in an only dog home. Oso could make a great dog with the right family to care for him with patience and time.  Meet Oso at the Palmdale Animal Care Center.

Animal ID No.: A5343402

Animal name: Roscoe

An altered male, tan boxer mix, Roscoe is a five-year-old dog surrendered by his previous owner. He knows sit and shake and even will give high fives. Roscoe is easy to leash and walks nicely in the play yard. He allows being around other dogs but sometimes prefers to stay on the sideline to watch the dogs run around. He has a gentle disposition and shows tolerance with other dogs. He loves to hang out with volunteers. He has been at the Palmdale Animal Care Center for quite a while.

Animal ID No.: A5335494

Animal name: Joe

Handsome, chill and sweet as pie, Joe is a five-year-old neutered pit bull that came to the Lancaster Animal Care Center as a stray almost two months ago. In play groups he’s got a gentle and dainty play style showing off medium energy.

 Animal ID No.: A5338750

Animal name: Bella

Bella is only about two years old. She came to the Lancaster Animal Care Center on Dec. 3. When she’s in play groups she’s gentle and dainty and has medium energy, and while she did OK with big dogs.

Animal ID No.: A4848873

Animal name: Nina

Nina is a seven-year-old spayed German shepherd that is nearly 89 pounds of love. She walks very well on a leash, doesn’t seem super interested in treats, and likes to sniff and explore new places.

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