Animal ID No.: A5316838

Animal name: Patricia

Patricia is a beautiful seven-year-old German shepherd. Patricia is gentle, sweet and friendly with everyone she meets, and is well-behaved, smart and easy to handle. Patricia has a mellow and gentle personality. Patricia came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as an owner surrender on Nov. 14. Patricia would make a great companion for someone looking for a larger dog with a low to medium energy level that can be a walking partner and can also snuggle at home.

Animal ID No.: A5329640

Animal name: Allen

Allen is a gorgeous two-year-old white domestic shorthaired male that came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as an owner surrender on Oct. 23 because his owners could no longer care for him. Allen is one of sweetest, gentlest kitties. He is very mellow and easygoing and enjoys getting head rubs. According to his previous owners, Allen does well with children, is litter box trained and seems to get along with other cats.  

Animal ID No.: A5326312

Animal name: Bear

Bear is a former volunteer foster kitten that is ready for his forever home. He’s just about two years old. Meet Allen at the Lancaster Animal Care Center.

Animal ID No.: A5330129

Animal name: Phil

Phil enjoys playfully batting at your hand with his paws. He was raised by a volunteer foster mom. Visit with Phil at the Lancaster Animal Care Center.

Animal ID No.: A5327855

Animal name: Maxwell

Maxwell is a neutered seven-year-old pit bull that has been a resident at Lancaster Animal Care Center since Oct. 16. During our Black Friday promo, all large dogs (35 pounds and up) are only $20 to adopt.

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