Animal ID No.: A5308760

Animal name: Gunner

Gunner is a gorgeous four-year-old male Siberian Husky. He is a happy and friendly dog with an outgoing personality. Gunner loves being out in the play yard and will prance and jump around like a deer. A bit reserved at first, once he gets to know you, his sweet and friendly personality shines through. This gorgeous boy has an energetic, playful personality and he’s smaller than your average husky, weighing only 40 pounds. Gunner would make a great running or hiking partner. He is well behaved and he knows how to walk on a leash. He is also learning basic commands and already knows how to sit. Gunner came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center on Aug. 11.

Animal ID No.: A5308349

Animal name: Choco

Choco is a six-year-old pit bull mix that came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as an owner surrender because his family was moving. This beautiful boy is one of the happiest, sweetest and friendliest dogs at the shelter. Choco is a volunteer favorite; he loves everyone he meets and loves to hug and give kisses. Choco has a great temperament and a lot of energy. According to his previous owners, Choco gets along with other dogs, he’s house-trained and he’s good with small children. Choco is very gentle, loving and playful. This beautiful boy would be a great addition to a family that gives him a lot of playtime.

Animal ID No.: A4321447

Animal name: Ruby

Ruby is a calm and collected dog that likes hanging out with gentle dogs who are similar. Ruby is easy-going and low energy, and would make the best couch potato. Visit Ruby at the Lancaster Animal Care Center.

Animal ID No.: A5298016

Animal name: Savy

Savy loves hanging out with other dogs as long as they like to run, wrestle, and play with me. I’m pretty smart, too. Savy will sit for a treat and catch it mid air. Savy has a lot of energy. Meet Savy at the Lancaster Animal Care Center.

Animal ID No.: A5305567

Animal name: Frappe

Frappe is pretty chill but likes to play, too. Frappe enjoys hanging out with other dogs and is super affectionate. With fur the color of milk chocolate, its ears wiggle, and it even lays its head on a chest for love. See Frappe at the Lancaster Animal Care Center.

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