Animal ID No.: A5028593

Animal Name: King

King is an altered male black and brindle pit bull about five years old. He came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as a stray on July 6 and is the oldest resident. King is easy to leash, easy to walk and loves his time out at the play yard. He is very energetic and didn’t like very much when he has to go back to his kennel. He loves spending time with people. King would benefit from behavior training to help him keep his energy to a minimum. His energy makes him a strong running partner so we suggest a strong handler. King allows to be touched all over his body and would always ask for a back rub. The pet adoption fee at the center will be waived. Reina and King will be at the Brews and Tails Pet Adoption Event on Sunday at the Transplant Brewing Company, 40242 La Quinta Lane, Unit 101, Palmdale.

Animal ID No.: A5298840

Animal Name: Reina

Reina is a unique and beautiful altered female brindle and brown pit bull about two years old. She came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center on July 9. Reina gets excited when being leashed because she knows it is walk time and time to play in the yard. She is easy to correct and loves to sit beside you. She is treat motivated and will sit pretty for her treats. She knows commands such as “sit” and the word “still”. She is easy to leash, walks well on leash and would heel when she knows you are a distance away. She is young and could be trained to be a better attentive dog. She loves to hang out with people and loves to play as well. She seems to be getting along with other dogs her size. She allows handling, loves rubs on her ears and face and enjoys being petted.

Animal ID No.: A5297601

Animal Name: Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut is two-year-old sweetheart that loves to cuddle. He has a high energy level and is good around other dogs. He walks well on the leash and loves treats. If you are looking for cuddle bug to roll in your lap and give you endless kisses, Mr. Peanut is the one for you. See Mr. Peanut at the Lancaster Animal Care Center.

Animal ID No.: A5283981

Animal Name: Blake

Blake is a three-year-old teddy bear. He is a gentle giant who is super smart. He knows how to sit, give paw and take treats nicely. He’s especially good with calm female dogs and he sure knows how to put on the charm. He walks well on the leash and is surely looking to steal your heart. Visit Blake  at the Lancaster Animal Care Center.

Animal ID No.: A5290505

Animal Name: Sir Sweetums

Sir Sweetums is a 10-year-old baby and he is the happiest pal you could ever ask for. He is good with other small dogs and he loves hanging out with his humans. He walks well on the leash and he loves being held. He enjoys treats and being around people. See the charming Sir Sweetums at the Lancaster Animal Care Center.

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