Animal ID No.: A5289474

Animal name: Rango

Rango is a super cute and playful boy with a very different and unique look. He is listed as a two-year-old male put bull, but he’s definitely mixed with something else. This boy is a bit timid and reserved at first, but after a few minutes of getting acquainted and with the help of some yummy treats, his true personality comes out. Rango is very friendly and playful dog, he’s easy to handle and he is a medium sized pup weighing only 38 pounds. Rango has participated in playgroups and did well around other dogs. He ran alongside them and licked them thru the fence before entering the play yard. Rango came to Palmdale Animal Care Center as a stray on June 12. He knows how to sit, walk well on a leash and is healthy.

Animal ID No.: A5278060

Animal name: Johnny

Johnny is a happy, playful and outgoing seven-month-old pup that loves everyone he meets and has a lot of energy. Johnny loves to run around the play yard; he gets super excited when he’s taken out, so when he’s in his kennel he keeps jumping and barking for attention which we feel makes people think that he might be aggressive or destructive, but he’s the total opposite. He’s super sweet and affectionate and he’s also very smart, attentive and obedient. Johnny has participated in playgroups and he likes to engage in play with smaller dogs. Bigger dogs tend to be a bit overwhelming for him since he’s still a puppy. Johnny came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as an owner surrender on June 18.

Animal ID No.: A5274431

Animal name: Jericho

Jericho is a five-year-old smiling silver pit bull eagerly awaiting his home. He has been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since April 29, coming in as a stray. He’s got a seek-and-engage play style. He would do well as an only dog home, but he would likely be just fine with a family that has children eight years old and up.

Animal ID No.: A5272818

Animal name: Mikey

Mikey is a four-year-old grinning goofy guy who has been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center and looking for a family since April 23. In play groups he shows a gentle and dainty play style. He would get along in a home with other dogs that are chill like him, and with children eight years

old and up.

Animal ID No.: A5207965

Animal name: Bikini

Bikini, a darling 63 pound lass, has been here three times and is ready for this to be her last residency at the Lancaster Animal Care Center. She’s six years young and a low energy kind of girl. She wants the spotlight on her, so an only-dog-home would be best, but children eight years old and up

should be fine.

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