Animal ID No.: A5316505

Animal name: Diego

Diego is an altered male, brown brindle, German Shepherd mix, about one year old. He came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as a stray on Sept. 5. When taken out of the kennel, Diego displays shyness and seems to be very timid. Once he warms up with you, he responds very well to attention. He loves to give kisses and allows being hugged. Diego is a sweet boy and gets along well with dogs his size. He knows how to walk well on leash and enjoys the yard.

Animal ID No.: A5311878

Animal name: Remington

Remington is an altered black/tan German shepherd mix, about two years old. Remington came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as a stray on Aug. 21. He is one of the longest resident at the center. Remington is easy to leash, friendly, loves to be taken to the play yard, loves to be petted and is very loving and affectionate. He longs for attention and loves to be around people. He gets along with other dogs. He is well mannered and adheres to commands.

Animal ID No.: A3607429

Animal name: Paronna

Paronna has 13 years of best friend experience and is looking for someone who likes to go on long-but-slow walks (on a leash) See him at the Lancaster Animal Care Center. He needs someone willing to help him with his special medical needs — he has a heart murmur, could use his teeth brushed, and has a lump on his chest.

Animal ID No.: A5311807

Animal name: Spunks

Spunks is approximately one year old, a pit bull mix, and has been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center. She may seem timid, but at heart she is a high energy, rough-and-rowdy play kind of girl. Due to her high energy, it is recommended that her home has kids who are at least middle school aged; other large dogs at the house, are OK.

Animal ID No.: A4803852

Animal name: Girlyn

Girlyn has been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since July 28. She prefers the gentle and dainty play style, and she is recommended for a home with children at least eight years and older; calm big dogs and small dogs are OK. She attended a recent offsite adoption event in a loud environment and did very well.

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