Animal ID No.: A5384163

Animal name: Neo

Neo is a 10-week old male domestic shorthaired kitten, a white and gray tabby. He has been fostered since he was four weeks old. Neo is an adventurous kitten that loves to climb his scratching pole, loves to play with his tail for hours and enjoys bird watching. Neo also loves cuddling, especially with his brother Finn. He gets along with dogs, cats and loves to be around people. Neo is available for adoption. To meet Neo, send an email to

Animal ID No.: A5384162

Animal name: Finn

Finn is a 10-week-old male domestic shorthaired kitten, a brown and white tabby. Finn loves to cuddle with people and loves to play with his brother Neo. Finn is a cuddle bug. He has been with his foster home since he was five weeks old. Finn loves to play with feathers and chase balls. In his quiet time, he loves to sleep by his foster mom. Finn gets along with other cats and dogs. To see Finn, send an email to

Animal ID No.: A5386726

Animal name: Ursa Minor

Ursa Minor is an approximately two-year-old spayed black and brown German shepherd that has been at the Palmdale Animal Care Center since Sept. 27, coming in as a stray. Ursa Minor is a bit fearful and shy but warms up when you get to know her. She has a medium energy level and could have some confidence building to let her know that she is the star of the show. Her new home must be adults-only, and other dogs must be calm. To visit Ursa Minor, send an email to

Animal ID No.: A5389381

Animal name: Pongo

Pongo is a three-year-old white and gray male pit bull. At the Lancaster Animal Care Center, he does great with the other dogs in the play-yard. He has shown to be calm, quiet, and sweet with all staff he interacts with. Overall, Pongo seems like he would be a great addition to a wide array of families. Meet Pongo by calling the center at 661-940-4191 and making an appointment.

Animal ID No.: A5335653

Animal name: Peppa

Peppa is a two-year-old, spayed female, domestic shorthair cat. When approaching the kennel and calling her, she will respond with a meow and pop up to greet you at the kennel door. When someone opens the kennel door and reaches in, she will purr, rub her head against the hand, stretch out her body and roll over to allow for maximum pets. Visit Peppa by calling the Lancaster Animal Care Center at 661-940-4191 and making an appointment.

Animal ID No.: A5386496

Animal name: Rex

Rex is a two-year-old male Alaskan husky. He is a happy bundle of energy who loves affection. He does great in the play yard with other dogs, but he prefers the females. Rex would make a great addition to many families, especially those with an active lifestyle. Due to the playful energy he exhibits, children in his new home must be middle school-aged or older. See Rex by calling the Lancaster Animal Care Center at 661-940-4191 and making an appointment.

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