Animal ID No.: A5342667

Animal name: Moose

Moose is an altered male black and tan rottweiler. He is about five years old and had been at the Palmdale Animal Care Center since December. He is easy to leash and knows how to walk on leash as well. He had shown friendly attitude and allows being touch and can be handled without a problem. He loves to get your attention and is happy to sit beside you and lean his body on yours. He was assessed and has been approved for public adoption with a recommendation of children of middle school aged because of his size.

Animal ID No.: A5346001

Animal name: Mayra

Mayra is an altered female black pit bull, about three years old, that came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as a stray on Jan. 11. Mayra is easy to leash and walks well on leash. When inside her kennel, she is very eager to go out, but once outside the kennel she stays calm and is always curious about her surroundings. Mayra allows being handled, loves sitting beside her handler and enjoys petting. She seems to be uneasy when other dogs are around but will always listen to corrections when being given one. Mayra will best fit in an adult home only.

Animal ID No.: A5349405

Animal name: Grizzley

Grizzley is four years old and neutered, with wiley hair, and is a couch potato that’s also got spunk. He originally came to the Lancaster Animal Care Center. He was placed during a recent adoption event at Lucky Luke Brewing Co., but it didn’t work out.

Animal ID No.: A5348207

Animal name: Juliette

Juliette is not just good looking; she’s also very patient. Volunteers note that she is gentle, affectionate, and easy going. She is three years old and spayed, and she came to the Lancaster Animal Care Center as a stray on Jan. 22.

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