Animal ID No.: A5395942

Animal name: Archer

Archer is an approximately eight-year-old neutered black and brown German shepherd that has been at the Palmdale Animal Care Center since No. 21, coming in as a stray. Archer is a loveable and gentle dog that is looking for someone to live out his golden years with. Archer would benefit greatly from training for his basic manners. It is recommended that children in Archer’s new home be at least middle school-aged and that other dogs be calm. Send email to to meet Archer.

Animal ID No.: A5398124

Animal name: Dugger

Dugger is an approximately two-year-old neutered brown German shepherd that has been at the Palmdale Animal Care Center since Dec. 12, coming in as a stray. Dugger is a gentle and shy dog that could use some motivation in getting to know others. Dugger would benefit from training for basic manners and impulse control. Children in Dugger’s new home must be at least middle school-aged, and other dogs should be female because Dugger tries to be the top dog with every male dog he meets. Send email to to visit Dugger.

Animal ID No.: A5390370

Animal name: Butterscotch

Butterscotch is a nine-month-old spayed female German shepherd. This girl was happy as can be to jog around the play yard, splash in the pool and just entertain herself. She allowed other dogs to greet her and then went about her way, so it is recommended she go to a home with calm dogs if there are any. She is required to go to an adult-only home for safe training. In the kennel she watches passers-by intently hoping for attention. See Butterscotch by calling the Lancaster Animal Care Center at 661-940-4191 and making an appointment.

Animal ID No.: A5378511

Animal name: Hunter

Hunter is a three-year-old neutered male pit bull. Hunter is one of the Lancaster Animal Care Center’s longest residents. He came in fearful after being abandoned by his previous owner. Now, he jumps around in his kennel soliciting attention from handlers with hopeful eyes and a wagging body. He frolicked around the play yard with other dogs playing chase with open-mouth pants and wagging tail. He is required to go to an adults-only home to continue his trust building. Meet Hunter by calling the center at 661-940-4191 and making an appointment.

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