Animal ID No.: A5334685

Animal name: Ruby

Ruby is a beautiful one-year-old white and black pit bull mix. Ruby is a sweet and friendly girl with a lot of love. This petite pittie is a little shy at first, but she loves people and is affectionate and wiggly. Ruby is still very young. She came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as a stray on Nov. 13, extremely emaciated and with wounds all over her face and head. Despite whatever she’s been through, Ruby is sweet and trusting. She walks on a leash and is learning basic commands and would be a great candidate for obedience training.

Animal ID No.: A5334684

Animal name: Mator

Mator is a gorgeous white and brindle pit bull mix that came into the Palmdale Animal Care Center as a stray on Nov. 13. The shelter thinks he’s about three years old. Mator came into the shelter in horrible shape, yet he’s always displayed such friendly behavior toward the staff and other dogs. Mator loves treats and he knows how to sit on command. He also knows how to walk well on a leash and seems to be house trained. Come by and meet this handsome guy today.

Animal ID No.: A53241763

Animal name: Lola

Lola is a sweet 10-year-old spayed Chihuahua. She walks well on leash and enjoys going for a soft jog, taking sniffy breaks of course. In play groups she demonstrated a gentle and dainty play style and had low energy. Due to her age and her play habits, she needs a home that, if it has children, are at least eight years old. Meet Lola at the Lancaster Animal Care Center.

Animal ID No.: A5318531

Animal name: Frankie

Frankie is a two-year-old neutered Akita that has been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since Nov. 3 and could use some time to grow and let his full personality blossom. He’s alert while walking on leash and has striking two-colored eyes. In play groups he had medium energy and will need to go home with adults only and with calm large

female dogs only.

Animal ID No.: A5323577

Animal name: Rocky

Rocky is a stunning gentleman that loves to give hugs and kisses. He is a neutered German shepherd that is thought to be about two years old. In play groups he shows a gentle/dainty play style. It is estimated that he will be good in a family with children eight years old and up and has mingled in play yards with large and small dogs. Visit Rocky at the Lancaster Animal Care Center.

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