Animal Name: Franco

Animal ID No.: A5252041

Franco is a male brown/black, German shepherd about nine years old. He came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as a stray on Jan. 25. Franco has shown to have calm, submissive and affectionate demeanor. He enjoys being taken out of the kennel to spend some time in the yard. He seems to be missing his family. He walks well on a leash but needs a strong handler. He loves to have a lot of attention. He doesn’t seem to mind being

handled or touched.

Animal Name: Libby

Animal ID No. : A5251332

Libby is an altered female, brown and white, shorthaired Chihuahua mix. She is about five years of age and came in to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as a stray. Libby is a gentle soul. She walks well on leash and is a behaved lady. She loves petting but is a little bit timid and shy at first. She enjoys attention and loves to sit down on you lap. She gets along well with her kennel mates and enjoys being around people. Libby would be good with any families and could suit best with a calm environment.

Animal ID No.: A5248057

Animal Name: Titus

Titus, as seen in his picture, is the definition of “cattitude.” He’s not too big a fan of playing around just yet, but give him some time and we bet he’ll be curling up at your side in no time. He is two years old and neutered. See him at the Lancaster Animal Shelter.

Animal ID No.: A5248816

Animal Name: Clarence

Clarence is such a little lion. This two-year-old neutered boy will roar right into your heart with his stunning physique and his demeanor. He isn’t just a sweetie who loves to cuddle; he’s also a playful little guy. See him at the Lancaster Animal Shelter.

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