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It has pretty well been established that something is the matter at the Santa Anita race track that causes champion and expensive race horses to suffer injuries that have to result in euthanasia.

I lost track when the count reached 16. I don’t bet on the races, but if I did, I would be livid over my losses. That is if I bet the way my companions advised me to. That’s not my style. I nearly always choose to put my money on the steed that was to be ridden by the cutest jockey. Not very scientific, but you’d be surprised at how often that paid at least a “show.”

What I really started to say here is that in my opinion, it’s time to research more thoroughly and solve that problem before owners have to lose anymore beautiful race champions even if it means shutting down Santa Anita for good.


My sweet tooth creates a problem for me when we eat out. Our frequent choice for meals is our favorite pie place, and I almost always order a piece of pie to take home. It is almost always a peach (fresh or canned), a rhubarb, banana cream or coconut cream — never razzleberry or blackberry. The server always remembers to bring it to the table bagged and ready to go.

So far, I have always trusted that it is what I’ve ordered but found out at home that it was not. That has been the case for the last five times. Of course it’s my fault for not checking the contents of the bag before leaving the restaurant. If it happens again, Carlos will not be a happy camper when he takes it back to the manager.


This is the time of year when school is ending for the season and it is nearly always cold, windy and often wet.

This year it just happens to be delightful weather. We were pleased as we sat in the Quartz Hill High School multi-purpose room to watch all those intelligent young people receive awards for being brainy.

Of course our granddaughter Nikki Spravka was one of them. She happened to be in the last batch of honorees but it was worth waiting for: valedictorian in two languages. Before she left to go celebrate, she kissed my cheek and made me promise to be present to see her graduate.

That will be on Wednesday.

Wednesday of last week Rachel Spravka, her younger sister by 14 months, needed Grandpa’s help to take her for her driver’s test. That little rascal aced everything and was given a regular license to Carlos’ amazement.

Are we proud of both? Naw!


The wet weather we’ve had recently has caused a delay in harvesting state crops.

We witnessed an example of that when on Saturday we attended the Leona Valley Cherry Festival. It was a beautiful warm day for it, but there were no cherries to pick or to buy. It didn’t ruin the festival, however. There were plenty of homemade fresh cherry pies for the pie eating contestants but there were none available for purchase. When the contest was over Carlos gave the table clearers one of his cutest smiles and one of them gave him a beautiful pie that remained untouched. Carlos looked really sad at the thought of that pie going in the trash bin.

They also had other things made featuring cherries. Carlos left me in the shade while he went exploring and came from one trip with a treat for me: a cherry burrito. If you haven’t had one of those you haven’t lived.

Leona Valley is one of my favorite Antelope Valley areas. No one can deny the fact it is one of the most beautiful areas one can ever see coming over the hill from the Lancaster-Palmdale-Quartz Hill area.


Mark Wahlberg is one of my favorite actors, so when he is quoted in a printing, I usually take heed. He was recently quoted in a magazine as saying: “There are officially two teenagers now in the house. Pray for us.”


So here’s my last bit of levity: Why is it that normal people after a good night’s sleep say they slept like a baby when babies wake up about every two hours? Never mind that. I really do sleep like one of those babies. Let me tell you, however, that in this lovely weather we’ve had lately, I have felt better than I have for a couple of years. I think I’m getting completely well. How about that?

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