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Here it is New Year’s Day 2019 and I’m up. That’s a good sign after I watched the New Year come in with the freezing celebrants in New York. I got pretty wild as the ball dropped and even toasted the event with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

That’s the life.

The Rose Parade, of course, was spectacular as always. There’s one time when I was much younger, much more energetic and eager for new experiences, came to mind as this one unfolded. I’ll never forget it. I had a bunch of friends as crazy as I was and we decided to go down and camp out all night on Colorado Boulevard with sleeping bags and folding chairs, ready for the parade.

Those were the days when Warren Dorn was our supervisor, and he was one of the good guys. He owned a store front on Colorado Boulevard and we made sure to let him know of our plans. “Mercy” he said, but he ordered the heat left on in his building and there was a coffee pot brewing. He had someone make sure the door was unlocked for us in case we needed to warm up.

It was a great parade as usual and we enjoyed not only the glorious floats but also the individuals on horseback and in cars as well as the marching bands.

George Putnam was riding his beautiful steed, which was all decked out in silver trappings that matched his own garb.

When the great car salesman and dealership owner Cal Worthington of TV fame came along in one of his newest beauties, accompanied by a beautiful female companion, one of the telecast hosts who were there to interview the celebrities as they rode the route did not make him show his usual funny man smile. In fact the comedic Cal was not amused at all when the host put a mic in his face.

“I see you are riding in one of your latest car models and this beautiful lady with you must be your daughter.”

“No,” said a stony faced Cal “she happens to be my wife!”

She held out her left hand to show off a set of rings that held a center stone of least four carats.

The only thing that saved the day was that the Worthington car was moved ahead as the parade got on its way again and left the interviewer hanging with egg on his face.

That was definitely a fun day but I wouldn’t want to do it again.

Two movies drew me in last year that should get some attention from the Academy Awards for nominations at least. In my opinion: “Old Man with a Gun” starring Robert Redford and “The Mule” with Clint Eastwood. They were worth every minute of the viewing. There were a few others, but for the most part the other offerings were not worth the popcorn.

Just to keep my political hand in, in my opinion, Steve Knight lost his bid for re-election on one thing only: he never should have made that comment about Social Security being a bad thing. Too many senior supporters depend on Social Security checks to keep them going. We don’t like a lot of things, but candidates ought to know that it isn’t smart to mess with Social Security. We don’t want politicians to refer to it as an entitlement, either. We earned it, we paid into it for years and we certainly aren’t overpaid.

If any other candidates need advice before the next election date, I’m available. 2019 is the start of a lot of progress. Listen to the vibes and make them all count. We can change things for the better if we take ourselves seriously and work with each other to get things done.

Happy New Year again and again!

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