Riley Elizabeth Hernandez, 14, the daughter of Joe and Shelley Hernandez, was crowned Teen Miss Quartz Hill on March 7 at Highland High School.

Riley, a ninth grader at Options for Youth, is active in softball and soccer. When school sites reopen for in-person learning, she plans to be involved in many clubs, including art and drama.

Her future plans include continuing her education after high school by attending either the University of California-Santa Barbara or Davis, or the University of Wisconsin–Madison and majoring in zoology.  She is a staunch believer in preserving the species of our lands and water that are facing extinction and eventually she would like to become a zoo keeper.

During her term as a community queen, she would like to bring as much awareness as she can to young women, and people in general, about breast cancer. It is a very close subject to her and she would like to get even more awareness and education out there about the importance of self examination and early detection.


Raegan Gonzales, 12, the daughter of Paul and Laura Gonzales, was crowned Junior Miss Quartz Hill on March 7 at Highland High School.

Raegan, an eighth grader at Blue Ridge Academy, is a competitive dancer on Team X at SE23 Studios where she takes classes in the style of jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, hip-hop, improv, musical theater, acro and pop vocal. She is also a student at Gibson Music Studio where she studies piano, guitar, ukulele and vocal.

Raegan enjoys sharing her passion for performing arts and volunteers teaching classes in musical theater and acro at SE23 Studios. She also enjoys volunteering to tutor students who are struggling with reading. Her favorite pastime is performing in the community theater. She recently was thrilled to perform in “Frozen Jr.” at the LPAC and “Mary Poppins” at the Palmdale Playhouse.

Raegan aspires to perform on Broadway and plans to get her teaching credential to teach performing arts in public school.

As Junior Miss Quartz Hill, Raegan wants to continue giving back to her community through her volunteering with teaching performing arts.


Adalynn Stokes, 9, the daughter of Zachary and Stacy Stokes, was crowned Little Miss Quartz Hill on March 10, at Highland High School.

Adalynn, who is a third grader at iLead Exploration, enjoys baking, making videos, art, reading and swimming.


Lynnden Gonzales, 5, the daughter of Paul and Laura Gonzales, was crowned Tiny Miss Quartz Hill on March 7 at Highland High School.

Lynnden, is a kindergartner at Blue Ridge Academy.

She is a competitive gymnast for Genesis Gymnastics, where she trains on their level two team. Lynnden also does competitive dance on Mini Team X at SE23 Studios where she takes ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip-hop, musical theater and vocal.

In her free time, she loves playing with her kitten, swimming with her brother and sister and walking with her dogs.

Lynnden hopes to be a firefighter because she loves Dalmatians. She also would like to be a bunny rabbit when she grows up.

As Tiny Miss Quartz Hill, Lynnden enjoys serving her community. She especially enjoys serving at Grace Resource Center and serving veterans. As a queen, Lynnden hopes to bring awareness to her platform which is helping save feral cats and kittens. She volunteers at the nonprofit, Cat Lives Matter to bring the kittens supplies and even helps socialize the feral kittens.


Victoria “Tori” Wells, 10, the daughter of Christopher and Teri Wells, was crowned Young Miss Quartz Hill on March 7 at Highland High School.

Victoria, a fifth grader at Greg Anderson Academy,is learning how to play the trumpet. She also enjoys playing soccer, softball, basketball and riding dirt bikes.

Her future plans include becoming a veterinarian.

During Tori’s term as Young Miss Quartz Hill, she would like other young girls to know that you don’t alway have to fit in one mold. Be yourself, be strong, have fun, be crazy, ride dirt bikes in the morning and wear a ball gown in the evening. Make people smile in a time when we need it the most. Be a friend when a friend is needed.


Kylie Rubin, 16, the daughter of Jennifer Rubin-Otto and Shane Otto, was crowned Miss Quartz Hill 2020-2021 on March 7 at Highland High School.

Kylie, a junior at Quartz Hill High School, teaches a pre-k class at her church, Central Christian.

Her future plans include becoming a fashion designer.

As a queen, she wants to give back to the community and help small local businesses grow.

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