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Dear Heloise: Why are items priced at $4.99 instead of $5? There must be a reason behind it.

 — Jenna D., age 13, via email

Jenna, great observation. This is a pricing strategy that retailers use. It’s based on the fact that we read from right to left. Your brain perceives the number 4 as less than 5, which it is. So we’re thinkin’ we’re getting a heck of a deal.

Of course, saving a penny is saving a penny, so our brain reads .99 as a “sale” price. Thanks for your email.

— Heloise

Tech talk Tuesday

Dear Heloise: If there’s one piece of advice I could give others who work from home on their computers, it would be this: Don’t leave open a bunch of tabs on your browser.

Sure, you want to be able to refer back to subjects online, but so many open tabs is clutter. Use the tab and then close it. It works great for me and saves time and effort.

 — Brandon B. in Texas

Popular places

Dear Readers: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (www.CDC.gov) has come out with a list of the public places you are most likely to contract the novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID, and here they are:

• Bars, cafés and restaurants, especially if you are drinking alcohol and your inhibitions are lowered. 

• Hotels.

• Churches and other places of worship; look for online services.

Continue to practice all the steps the CDC has recommended: Hand washing, mask-wearing, staying home if you feel sick, and social distancing

— Heloise

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