Dear Heloise: How do I keep my potato skins from cracking when I make

baked potatoes?

— Lana S., Golden Valley, Minnesota

Lana, it’s easy! To keep that from happening, just rub butter or shortening over the skin before you bake them.

— Heloise

Heloise’s Coleslaw

Dear Heloise: I had your recipe for coleslaw, but I misplaced it. Would you repeat it? It is delicious!

 — Carmela Z., Amarillo, Texas

Carmela, I love this recipe, too! Here it is:

Heloise’s Coleslaw


1 head cabbage (about 2 pounds)

Ice water to cover

2 ounces of vegetable oil

1 ounce vinegar or lime juice or lemon juice (not all three)

1/2 teaspoon prepared mustard (yellow, not powdered)

1/4 teaspoon celery salt

1 ounce real mayonnaise

Salt and pepper to taste

Dash of paprika


Shred the cabbage and soak it in the water for 30 minutes. If you use bagged cabbage, you can skip this step, but it does make the cabbage very crisp. Meanwhile, mix together the remaining ingredients. Drain the cabbage and mix into the dressing. Refrigerate until

ready to serve.

If you like this recipe, you can get it and many of my others in my pamphlet All-Time Favorite Recipes by sending $5, along with a stamped (70 cents), long, self-addressed envelope, to: Heloise/All-Time Favorites, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279-5001. Or you can order it online at www.Heloise.com. When choosing a head of cabbage, look for outer leaves that are fresh and crisp, and the cut end should

not be brown.

— Heloise

Too much

waffle batter

Dear Heloise: I never know how hungry my boys will be (husband and four sons), so I always make a large amount of waffle batter on Sunday mornings. The problem is, I usually make too much. What can I do with all that leftover batter?

 — Willow C., Watertown, Connecticut

Willow, make the rest of the batter into waffles, then wrap them up so they’re airtight and freeze them. When you want a snack, just pop one in the toaster.

— Heloise


Dear Heloise: My mixer bowl slides all over when I’m using it. How can

I stop that?

— Jennie L., Telluride, Colorado

Jennie, place a damp washcloth or towel under the mixing bowl.

— Heloise

Message center

Dear Heloise: I want a bulletin board in my kitchen, but I don’t have the wall space. Got any hints to help me

with this one?

 — Amber K., Hungry Horse, Montana

Amber, get some chalkboard paint and paint either the inside or outside of one of your upper cabinets, and you’ll have a message center.

— Heloise

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