Saudi Aramco Impact of Attacks

Storage tanks are seen at the North Jiddah bulk plant, an Aramco oil facility, in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019. The weekend drone attack in Buqyaq on one of the world's largest crude oil processing plants that dramatically cut into global oil supplies is the most visible sign yet of how Aramco's stability and security is directly linked to that of its owner -- the Saudi government and its ruling family. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

It hardly seems possible that it is time already to face campaigning for another presidential election.

Whether you like The Donald or not, he is seeking another term in office and, so far, he is the only Republican running. He speaks for himself, which gives us fun if nothing else.

Opposing candidates (umpteen million of them) represent several other parties and we are faced with having to listen and watch televised debates. They were not only repetitious, they took up the “Jeopardy” time slot, which made me very dissatisfied with all of them.

The Democrats seem to be favoring the election of a woman for president. At least, the numbers of female candidates in the lineup seem to have plans to solve the international problems facing our country. They are particularly interested in trade agreements with China and bringing our military personnel home from Afghanistan. They were all very good in the debates, but I knew I should have tossed my hat into the ring again.


There has been a new government drive to raise rents. This is a sad thing in our local area where many low-income citizens have been paying rents that put a strain on their budgets already. Now we get the news that rents are going up, in some cases 30%. That means that many of these needy tenants will now have to become homeless.

This is an appalling situation for people who have been working at minimum or less than minimum wages to stay off the charity dole. They do honest work and feel that they are doing what is necessary to keep their families together and teach their children that it may not be glamorous work, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Government forces in the County of Los Angeles need to rethink those raises for low-cost housing units. They want to build more supposedly low-cost housing units at a higher rent for the indigent who already can’t make ends meet.

We are supposed to do everything we can to keep people from living on the streets. Keeping rents as low as possible is one way to do it. Politicians who take this to heart and do something about it can be assured of positive votes in any election where their names appear on the ballot.


Herbert Hoover was a right wing president who did many things, not all of which were liked by the public. While he was in office, we had Prohibition with 3.2 beer (watered down) for those who either accepted that or went into speakeasies to get good stuff illegally. Then along came that Big Depression.

Poor Herbert later complained to his granddaughter: “I must have been some kind of guy to be able to cause that all by myself.”

Hoover Dam is a living reminder of those days in our history.


When I hear about little burros being found dead in the wilderness, killed by human hands, I have to bemoan the cruelty of some humans. Why would anyone want to kill those cute little burros?


Parents, who paid huge fees to get their students into highbrow universities when the students didn’t have the grades required for acceptance into them, are rightfully being penalized, but, in my opinion, the universities that accepted the big donations should accept some of the blame.


We’ve heard lately about at least two cases of juvenile deaths caused by vaping. How many is it going to take to get politicians to force the issue of closing all businesses who sell those vapes as well as flavored cigs that lure juveniles into becoming addicts? The changing personalities that parents witness are real problems that should give them a big reason to nag legislators and law enforcement until they get some help to prosecute sellers.


Here’s one last tidbit for you to contemplate:

On a senior man’s shirt was a sentence: “I am not 60 years old; I am sweet 16 with 44 years experience.”

That’s what is called the right ATTITUDE!

I’ll be back next week with more of my opinions and stuff for you to digest.

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