Dear Annie: My husband and I have very different television interests. I tend to prefer prestige shows that require significant time and attention commitment. He tends to enjoy brainless sitcoms. He says he doesn’t have the attention span to sit and watch many of the large-scale prestige shows. I feel that I’m wasting my time watching sitcoms with nonstop corny puns.

I really wish my husband would share my interest in television. It would make it far more enjoyable if we could discuss the shows afterward. Instead, he tends to tune out and play a game on his phone. What can I do to incentivize my husband to watch my shows?

 — Prestige Viewing

Dear Prestige: Having shared hobbies is certainly important to the nurturing of a healthy marriage. Spouses are not going to share all hobbies though. To the extent you have different television viewing habits, find a compromise that makes everyone happy. It is fair to ask your husband to watch one or two shows with you. It is also fair for you to give equal viewing time to his shows. You each need to agree to not be cynical and instead to make the experience enjoyable and a time to connect with your spouse. Remember, perfect compromise leaves each party feeling that they’ve both won and lost.

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