Wow! What a show that was! Julie Drake wrote a marvelous preview of what to expect from the music of Kit and the Kats at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center, and she didn’t exaggerate one bit. Take that comment from someone who lived through those golden years of wonderful music when she says that you never forget it. It had melody to make young people want to dance and memorize the understandable lyrics. In short, it made us all happy. It still does.

Laura Ellis as Kit pounced on stage in a typical outfit. You know the kind I mean, tight fitting at the top attached to a skirt held wide by starched crinoline petticoats, and cinched at the waist with a wide contrasting belt. Everything matched even down to the heeled shoes — my style at the time.

The two Kats, Todd Honeycutt and Travis Leland wore casual attire (easy pants and open necked shirts) to come on stage — reality for the age of easy.

My enjoyment was evident at all the Rock and Roll music. Songs such as “Mama Said” (a favorite of mine), “Shoppin’ Around,” Bobby Darin’s “Dream Lover” and Dean Martin’s.” That’s Amore,” which was vocalized by Travis Leland, were appreciated by many in the audience.

At Kit’s urging, we joined in singing a lot of the tunes. If we weren’t singing, we were toe-tapping.

Those were presented in the first half of the show along with appropriate costume changes and some Twisting that actually made me wiggle in my seat.

Most of the songs in the first half were from the ‘50s and all were welcome as readily recognizable —the kind that get into your mind and won’t go away…they stick so well you keep singing or humming them all day.

After intermission, they were just as full of energy as they were earlier and this segment was full of the good ones from the ‘60s. There was a medley of names that triggered the suggestion that audience members should try to remember the name of their first loves. I was l4 again remembering my first love, Eldon, whose mother sent him away to a military academy to get him away from me. Ho hum!

Those were some of the greatest: Roy Orbison’s “Crying” and “Pretty Woman” in particular.

I guess it’s no secret that this was my kind of program. I’m still humming some of my favorites and wishing I could get these old legs into dancing shape again. As it is I can only stand behind a chair and wiggle when the music starts. That’s a bummer.

I don’t want to neglect the band that did such a good job during the show: John Rodby, piano; Scott Bramer, guitar; Courtney Kakebeen, bass; and a favorite of mine always, John Harvey, percussion.

Don’t forget to save the afternoon of April 14, at 2 p.m. for the last concert of the season, with the “Encore Saxophone Quartet”. Now you know that’s going to be another really good one.

I have a question for school districts. I understand that some have recently decided that their students do not have to pledge allegiance to the flag or sing the National Anthem to start the school day. The question: Aren’t we teaching patriotism anymore? Who decided that? It certainly wasn’t a veteran, so who? For shame!

Another thing that gets under my skin is the fact that a kindergartener can show up at school with a handgun in his back pack. That I blame on his parents. You think I shouldn’t call attention to that when I got into trouble on a Halloween one year when I was 8, for shooting some bad guys with my cousin Vinty’s BB gun. It didn’t matter that I kept those felons from burglarizing a neighbor; I still got paddled soundly for shooting that gun. I never did it again, but I was a heroine to Vinty and I never got bullied after Vinty told everybody about it at school.

One last comment I need to pass on: my daughter, Theresa, tells me there will be no more snow on the Valley floor. Why do I believe her? Because she has proven in the past to be at least as accurate as Dallas Raines.

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