Senior Scene

Shoppers have been out and crowding the stores for weeks now, and while I like to be one of them I haven’t indulged in a new outfit this year. I put together a new one out of what was in the closet this time.

Believe it or not, there were enough new things hanging in there with the tags still dangling to do a reasonable job without spending any more money. That’s my once in a lifetime thriftiness effort. I’ll spend what I might have spent on clothes at some entertainment Carlos thinks I should have and he wants to take me to.

After Sharon Renaud got finished with my hair, and the Don half of Don and Jane made my nails beautiful, I really looked fairly presentable to celebrate the Resurrection and the Ascension.

  Some people (well, at least one guy) celebrated by trying to pull off a house burglary. He left in a hurry when law enforcement arrived. He thought he’d made a clean getaway, but they picked him up almost immediately. He had left behind his ID. Now that’s what you call a not too smart felon.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many like that around. I want to stress there are plenty of felons around, just not like that one.

This is not only Eastertime; Saturday was the first day of Passover. In case you don’t remember, that’s how Christians and their firstborn children were protected from the threat of the Pharaoh to have all first-born sons killed. The loyal Christians had the sign of the fish painted on the top of their doors so that they would be “passed over” by the executioners.

California is often ballyhooed as the most vulgar state in the union, but in my opinion, Florida has to be equal. While I have to commend the state for at least having its rest stops usable, I have to also criticize some recent visitors. I think I did that to a minor degree once before, but I didn’t spill out all I had to say about it.

California’s stops are nearly always closed for one reason or another. I’ll wager if the ones in our state lured three babes that were outside naked in the grassy area and rubbing suntan lotion on each other, ours would be functional in a hurry. That’s if any of the female travelers let any of their male companions make a stop at one of those with such carefree exhibitioners.

If I were one of the females in transit, I might accidentally bump into one of the carefree sunbathers on my mad dash to the inner stalls. When my errand was finished, I might take time myself to view the show going on outside so I could report to you about what the naked female thinks is worth flaunting these days. But don’t worry, some spoil sport would complain about the women and they’d have to get dressed — or else we’d have a sudden snowstorm.

The whole world seems to be in political turmoil these days. Of course, that seems to be the normal state of affairs in our country but currently things in Peru have taken a tragic turn. I have been interested in the way things are going down there ever since Carlos and I have been married. One truism I have learned is that all the presidents the people elect down there seem to be larcenous. Another truism is that I seem to really like almost all of them. I liked Alberto Fujimori and I liked his daughter but, if I’m not mistaken, she never made it to president.

 I really, really, liked Alan Garcia. I am in mourning. That man was fun. If there was even a small fiesta going on, he would join in the dancing with a big smile on his face and burst out in song with the others. They’ve got me wondering if there is any candidate in the lineup now who is an honest player and a good time Charlie besides.

There are many in other countries with citizens who also ask questions about our government. You know they have no reason to do that.

From a list of Enigmas sent to me I thought this was good: “William F. Buckley said: ‘Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other points of view and then are shocked and offended to find out there ARE other points of view.’ ”

(But mine are the only ones that count.)

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