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Dear Readers: Wow – there are some wild myths out there about the COVID-19 vaccine. Three of the most absurd? The vaccine causes infertility. (No!) When you get the vaccine, you’re implanted with a tracking device. (What??) And the vaccine will alter your DNA. (It absolutely will not.)

None of these are true. Talk to your doctor, nurse or other trusted medical expert about the COVID-19 vaccine. Don’t let fear take hold of you; just find out the truth.

 — Heloise

P.S. One new movement that can help: double maskage. 

That’s right. Experts are saying wearing two cloth masks can be more beneficial than wearing just one. It’s an extra layer of filtration. 

Tech talk Tuesday

Dear Heloise: A “pass sentence” might be more secure than a password. How about “eyel0v3knewYork”? 

I take a common phrase and skew it into a sentence complete with numbers standing in for letters. It’s harder to crack.

 – Henry T. in Pennsylvania

Henry, throwing in a symbol or punctuation mark can tighten up a password too. I agree; a password does not have to be a “word.”

 — Heloise

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