Dear Annie 2020

Dear Readers: On International Women’s Day, March 8, I answered a reader who has three boys and wants to add a girl to their family. Her husband is wary because, if they have another baby, it might be another boy. But his wife said that even if there is another boy, she will be happy and love him forever. I suggested that she go ahead and have another baby, and I added a comment that appalled some readers and made others cringe. Your thoughts?

Dear Annie: The final sentence of your answer made my jaw drop. “Besides, if you get a fourth boy, you never know — maybe he will marry a wonderful woman who will take care of you and your husband in old age.”

What kind of sexist drivel is that? If you’re going to bring up the caretaking of elderly relatives, then why not suggest the writer nurture her relationships with the sons she already has? 

Why place responsibility for such a thing solely on their wives’ shoulders? 

Shame on you and your antiquated thinking, Annie.

 — Disgusted

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