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Happenings in the animal kingdom have caught my eye in case you haven’t noticed yet, especially as it involves birth control.

The latest is the plight of the two remaining white rhinos that are the only ones left in existence, at least as far as zoo keepers know. These two happen to be females and the wildlife protectors anticipated the future before the last two males died and saved some sperm from both, which they now have inseminated in the two ladies. They thus hope to repopulate the world with white rhinos.

Then we come to the stories about human medical procedures, some positive and others that are questionable.

One question comes out of some of the procedures that are presented to parents of sick children: Should parents be allowed to refuse chemo for their minor children with cancer? They are allowed to refuse measles shots, which are far less dangerous than chemo for cancer.

I’m on the fence about the rights of parents. We can’t seem to stop mothers from killing their own children. I don’t know what goes through a woman’s mind when she kills her own progeny. She keeps getting pregnant but I’m convinced it’s out of lust, not love, and the fact that she can get more government-supplied food stamps for every additional child that’s added to the family. Trade that perk for mandatory birth control and we might save a whole bunch of taxpayer money in the annual budget. It also might save the lives of a lot of mistreated children.


It’s interesting to me to see that the exploration of other planets by NASA is still alive and that sometime in the not-too-distant future all of us who have $50 million to spare will be able to vacation for a month on the moon. Or, if you’d rather just take a shorter trip circling the moon or the Earth or the like for a lesser amount of time and millions, you can also do that. Oh, to be young again and rich!

Instead, I’ll have to be content with the fact I’m going to send my name to NASA to include in a list it’s compiling that will be carried by the next ship to Mars.


We must be suffering from a paucity of surgeons. The government is going to forgive the student loan money of students studying to be doctors. That’s a good thing.

I’m sure that can benefit researchers of the future like the one who was dedicated to saving babies who need heart transplants. We had the heart surgeon of yesterday who was successful in using pig valves in older heart patients. The one who specialized in babies transplanted the heart of a baby baboon into a dying baby.

I don’t think it was successful, but at least it was tried. I wonder if the human baby would have been a tree climber, if it had lived to talk about it.


We’ve been hearing for years about getting ready for the Big One! The last big one that I remember was the Northridge shaker that hit us back in the 1990s, but it wasn’t touted as the big one. It was, however, big enough for me. It was blamed on the San Andreas Fault. This one we just had, was centered in Ridgecrest, was 7.1. They aren’t labeling it as the BIG one yet, but we can expect more aftershocks.

Another thing I’m wondering is if state Sen Scott Wilk has pre-knowledge about such things. His parents, Jack and Lois, left here on June 26 and relocated to Tennessee. That’s suspiciously like they were leaving the rest of us to shake, rattle, and roll while they only have to face roadkill. This will probably make a lot of insurance companies a lot of money as homeowners who have survived enough to seek them out and belatedly buy earthquake insurance.


And finally: “Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.” Ain’t it the truth?

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