Spring is in the air or in the wind. The trees are showing up their greens and the flowers are in full bloom. The fleeting fields of poppies and wild flowers are pleasant memories of the beautiful gifts of nature. A new season of life goes on changing the landscape of our existence.

As the weather changes, our activities change. Jackets are packed away to make room for lighter clothes. The stores are bursting with colorful display of wearable pastels and bright hues. Camping gears are being dusted off in anticipation of summer.

The cycle is of course predictable, and often times we zombie through the days and the months. Then comes summer and fall. Before we know it, it’s Christmas. The present becomes the past, and the past becomes memories. These memories leave permanent etchings in our psyche to cherish or not.

I pause to think about the thoughts and things that matters the most as we cycle through the seasons of life. There are significant big events in our individual and family life — birth and death, weddings and divorces, graduations and first jobs, promotions and resignations, life-changing accomplishments or retirements. All of these events matters. But as you cycle through winter, spring, summer, and fall through the years, I find that it’s the little things that we mindfully experience that when recalled gives us joy.

I invite you to have mindful experiences of these little things:

• Waking up to the aroma of coffee in a cold winter morning.

• Warm showers, and the smell of fresh soap.

• Waking up to birds tweeting in the spring.

• A windless, sunny day.

• A buzzing hummingbird hovering over you.

• The smell of fresh cut roses.

• A quiet morning with no schedules.

• A sleeping baby.

• A smiling baby.

• Fresh bread and butter.

• Sitting on a bench watching and observing people.

• Traffic-free drive to work.

• A smile from a stranger.

• Unexpected help from a stranger.

• Breakfast with a friend.

• Finding the perfect gift.

• Silly selfies.

• Karaoke with silly forgiving friends.

• Laughing till your stomach hurts.

I’m pretty sure you can come up with your own list of little things that makes your heart sing! I remember the times when I don’t have memories of spring and summer except for how busy I was living life in a blur. Working two jobs, raising young children and going to school did not make room for smelling the roses. As the cycle of winter, spring, summer, and fall passes in decades, life taught me how important mindful living is. And it’s the little things that makes life joyful. Decide to start living joyfully, every single day and make every single day your favorite day. Happy Monday!

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