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May seems to be full of holidays and iffy weather. According to one forecaster I heard, it is also the worst month of the year for getting storms. Just when I was starting to get warm enough to go outside without a heavy jacket the wind kicks up so hard that it would blow me off my feet if I didn’t have something to anchor me until I make it to the car.

Mothers Day was celebrated last Sunday, and that’s one day it pays to have kids. They usually pay attention to you that day even if they are silent the rest of the year.

I always go to church on Mothers Day because I usually come home with a couple of prizes. Sometimes I even have one of my adult kids there with me along with Carlos who looks as though he could be one of them. I usually get the prize for having the oldest living child. That one sent me a beautiful flower arrangement with a card attached saying it was for a GREAT MOM. Bob showed up Saturday afternoon with a really great card and an “I Love You” balloon. He was followed closely by John and Theresa bringing a card she knew I would love, some earrings and the promise of more gifts that are somewhere out in the mail and will arrive soon. Dan who was here while I was in the hospital has recuperated from the flu he caught on the plane going home, called from Ohio to let me know he was thinking of me on Mothers Day.

That’s what you have to agree is a really great passel of kids.

Coming up next is Armed Forces Day and, after that, Memorial Day. That’s a total of four (counting May Day) holidays in just this one month. June will be here before we know it and to my knowledge, excepting World War II dates, June l4 (Flag Day) is the only holiday I have to remember. Graduation comes along somewhere in here and I always remember that because it’s almost always cold as Greenland’s Icy Mountain that day (or night) with the addition of extra wind. I always judge the beginning of the warm summer to arrive after graduation.

For those of you who are as fascinated by the royals as I am, I must say that Queen Elizabeth seems as much a doting great grandmother as the rest of us females are, The newest entry into the family had her smiling widely as she gazed lovingly at him. Of course, we all know that Harry has always been on her list of favorites.

The duchesses seem to be delivering a plethora of boys. That means that when it comes time for those tykes to find mates, they may have to look this way again. The new baby’s name is interesting, too. I’ve never heard of Archie as a royal name before. Of course, it’s good to note that he will undoubtedly have two more names at least when he is christened and I would like to see if Harry and Meghan stray from the names that are approved historically. They do like to do their own thing and make their own choices.


One of the things I like to do for exercise is to roam around Costco while Carlos does the shopping. I always have to stop at the books table to see if there are any new ones that I just have to have then I check out the goodies and breads section. I nearly always stop and sample whatever is being offered that looks and smells good but I almost always have to make frequent rest stops.

On one of my rest stops the other day, longtime friend and former poker player Marcel Trotier (that spelling may be wrong) stopped to ask if I remember him. I don’t forget my poker players. Those nights were really enjoyable. Besides that, Marcel shares my birthday.

Joel Mesa introduced us to his sister a couple of weeks ago and I have say she is much prettier than he is. He is one of the fun people I know. He knows what seniors like to dance to and he is a good D-J for seniors’ dances.

Here’s my frivolous bit for this week:

A woman came home to find her husband in the kitchen shaking frantically, almost in a dancing frenzy, with some kind of wire running from his waist toward the electric kettle. Intending to jolt him away from the deadly current, she ran outside and grabbed a handy plank of wood and smacked him with it, breaking his arm in two places. Up to that moment, he had been happily listening to his iPod.

See? Those iPods can be dangerous attractions.

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