ACTON — The Vasquez boys soccer team advanced to the quarterfinals of the playoffs for the third consecutive season with a 3-0 victory over La Sierra Academy on Friday at Vasquez high

The Mustangs led 2-0 at halftime of the CIF-Southern Section Division 7 second-round match.

Vasquez (17-3-2) will play at St. Bonaventure in the quarterfinals on Tuesday. St. Bonaventure beat the Academy of Careers and Exploration 4-2 on Friday in the second round.

The Mustangs were missing players due to injuries.

“I think we played really well today despite all the injuries,” Vasquez junior Alex Moran said. “Hopefully with this momentum we can drive it all the way to finals, not just semifinals, but all the way to finals.”

Vasquez junior Van Johnson scored two goals for the Mustangs.

“I felt like we played good with who we have on the team right now,” Johnson said.

Vasquez senior Rafe Matson scored the other goal for the Mustangs.

“We have so many injured players, but we pulled it off as a team,” said Vasquez senior team captain Benjamin Lee. “In the beginning we started a little rough, playing down to their level. Through the second half of the game with Ben’s goal, we picked ourselves up and we played how we usually play.”

Vasquez junior goaltender Ryan Berger had the shutout in goal for the Mustangs.

“We played this game. We played with heart,” Berger said. “We just pulled it off along with the win. Even though we lost so many players, so many of our key players. We pulled it off with our heart. We keep on playing and we’re going to go as far as we can.”

Berger got a bloody nose with five minutes remaining in the game.

Berger said he caught a ball low while making a save and his momentum carried him forward, going face first into the ground.

Vasquez senior Arrden Griffith said the Mustangs won by communicating.

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