Brian Golden

Add another name to the California government enemies list.

Move over, free speech, free enterprise, corporations, profit motive, religious liberty, good schools and a non-crumbling transportation infrastructure.

Make room for …. Little League.

Incredibly, the snack bars at Little League ballparks around the Valley have been ordered to shut down by the County Board of Health.

Someone complained about something, so now we all have to suffer under the brainlessness of California government in the 21st Century.

Mind you, there was no food poisoning  involved.

No one was injured or burned by sub-standard kitchen facilities.

Truth is, you can eat off the floors of most of these miniature ballpark kitchens, they are maintained with such devotion to detail.

They have to be.

They’re the major source of revenue to their little leagues.

Who among us hasn’t enjoyed a hot dog, hamburger or french fries while going out to watch our children/our neighbors’ kids/our nieces, nephews and grandchildren at a little league game?

Ever read about the postgame show being held at AV Hospital Medical Center  or Palmdale Regional Medical Center with emergency rooms jammed with salmonella or other food poisoning?

Of course not.

At least, not as many instances as the Typhus outbreak in downtown Los Angeles which just happens to coincide with the growth of homelessness on the streets.

Compounding the cluelessness in this case is that the County Department of Health has dropped this hammer in the middle of the season.

So the supplies of hamburger meat, hot dogs and french fries in the freezer are basically quarantined until they spoil and add yet more to the losses of our Valley little leagues.

There’s a corollary to this. An ominous one.

If this stupidity is allowed to stand, how long will it be before the County Health Department geniuses come after snack bars at high school football games? 

Marauder Stadium?

Dare we say it: The Hangar?

Don’t underestimate the serial business killers in California government.

Their inertia, or should we say, willful neglect, helped kill off the Bakersfield Blaze and the High Desert Mavericks.

Fortunately, we are represented in the Hall of Administration downtown by Fifth District Supervisor Katherine Barger, the protege of one of this area’s greatest elected representatives at any level, Michael D. Antonovich.

Raymond Kaecker, the official outfitter of Valley youth and high school sports at AV Sports and Graphics, is helping organize the response to this outrageous governmental overreach.

It includes all the little leagues in the Valley, as well as the District 51 regional governing body and the national executives in San Bernardino and Williamsport.

Given the Antonovich legacy, we should be very confident Supervisor Barger will find a solution before any more damage is done.

California government’s hostility to business is a matter of historical record.

For 12 straight years, the United States Chamber of Commerce has named California the worst state in the nation to do business. 

Pretty soon, it will be the U.S. Chamber of Commerce “California Worst State in the Nation to Do Business” Award.

In this case, they’re branching off into child abuse.

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