Brian Golden

Brian Golden

Hopefully, it’s an omen.

Corey Seager had to sit and watch the 2017 World Series with an elbow injury.

That same elbow injury cost him the 2018 World Series, too, after it required surgery a month into the season.

Then there was a hip injury that sent him back to to the operating table.

And of course, just as the 2016 finalist for National League MVP and Rookie of the Year was getting back up to his elite speed, he popped a hamstring running the bases in Anaheim June 13.

Somebody has been sticking pins in their Corey Seager voodoo doll.

Now it’s his turn.

Following a three-game rehabilitation stint with the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, Seager has been activated back to the major league roster.

He’ll be at shortstop when the Dodgers begin a deceptively important midseason litmus test against the world champion Boston Red Sox in Fenway Park.

If there is any decency in the gods of Baseball, Corey Seager will be the difference-maker this weekend.

There has not been a finer young man to wear Dodger Blue in the last generation.

Seager always has time for the fans.

He always has time for everyone else in the game, too.

Watching Charlie Culberson his backup at shortstop, spear the final out that ended a 29-year Dodgers World Series drought did not embitter Seager.

Nor did the club’s acquisition of superstar rental Manny Machado a year ago this week.

Seager zoomed to superstar status in 2016.

The only thing as fast was how quickly everyone forgot about him.

Seager doesn’t do self-pity.

Feeling sorry for himself isn’t nearly as important as feeling healthy.

Corey Seager has endured his setbacks, worked to overcome them, and then repeated the process.

And then repeated it again.

And again.

If anything he’s endeared himself even more to Dodger Blue Nation.

There’s an unmistakable sense that a payback tour is in order.

Someone’s going to pay for all this disappointment.

There couldn’t be a better place to start than Fenway Park.

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