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Has your voicemail ever smiled at you?

Mine did.

Vin Scully’s voice has a way of putting a smile on everyone and everything.

The legendary Dodgers raconteur was gracious enough to check in with me during my seven-week hospitalization for the nasty diabetic infection that is now long gone from my left foot.

As great a broadcaster as he is — and he’s simply the best ever — Vin Scully is an even greater person, and a yet even greater man of faith.

Everyone who ever came to our Catholic Athletes for Christ Dodger Stadium Mass, where Mr. Scully was our lector for nine seasons, saw and heard that for themselves.

March 7 marked the fourth anniversary of the recording of the Vin Scully Rosary CD.

Four years later, it is still the top-selling religious CD in the English-speaking world. 

You can purchase them locally at Mrs. Paula Ellis’ St. Raphael’s Press, one block off the BLVD in downtown Lancaster.

We sent one to Pope Francis, Vin’s fellow Jesuit.

He was so moved, he sent Vin (Fordham Prep High School, Fordham University) a thank-you note.

The day of Mr. Scully’s final broadcast at Dodger Stadium (Sept. 25, 2016), 55 people packed Dave Roberts’ interview room for our Mass.

We had two concelebrants — Father Tim Klosterman, the proud Paraclete graduate and former Spirits football player, and Father Steve Davoren.

Archbishop Jose Gomez installed them as the Dean of Students at the seminary in Camarillo and the Director of Vocational Development, respectively, for ADLA.

So many men have been drawn to the priesthood by their inspiration, additional buildings have had to be constructed.

One who was ordained, Father Raymont Medina, began his parish work at Sacred Heart in Lancaster. 

He’s now the secretary/aide to Archbishop Gomez.

Last year, Father Brian Humphrey was ordained at age 38.

Most of the previous 15 years, he had been the sound mixer for Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Even at 92, Vin Scully enjoys first-time experiences. Last month, Ash Wednesday came to him.

“Someone told our pastor at St. Mel’s, Father Steve Davoren, about us,” Scully said. “He brought us ashes, and Holy Communion.

“When there was a fire at St. Mel’s a few years back, Father Davoren was an L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy. He came and taped off the area. Now he’s our pastor. Amazing.”

As ninogenarians, Vin and his bride of 47 years, Sandi, are right in the crosshairs of the Coronavirus.

They are safely hunkered down at home, where, typically, they worry more about the rest of us than they do about themselves.

One of his latest projects is righting a titanic wrong of Dodgers history: the absence of Gil Hodges from the Baseball Hall of Fame.

He appears frequently in a documentary about Hodges coming soon to network television, which will hopefully convince the Golden Era (no relation) Committee to at last elect him to the Hall of Fame this December.

We hear more about the frowns and the fears these days.

Then the phone rings.


Just when we need him more than ever, Vincent Edward Scully is still blessing us.

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