QUARTZ HILL — A Golden League wrestling match between two undefeated teams that will likely determine the league championship would be expected to be contentious.

The match between Littlerock and Quartz Hill got too heated on Wednesday night, as both teams had a wrestler disqualified, the second of which led to an injury and paramedics being called, as well as coaches and school officials intervening to calm both teams, as well as fans.

Ultimately Quartz Hill won decisively, 46-21, at Quartz Hill High School to improve to 5-0 in league and hand Littlerock (4-1) its first loss in league.

“It was just crazy,” Quartz Hill coach Ron Coleman said. “It was wild. There’s never been animosity between Quartz Hill and Littlerock. Littlerock is one team we hold in high regard.

“That was the first time I’ve seen it get contentious between us. I’ve had matches that have gotten contentious. That one got really ugly, really fast.”

Quartz Hill won three of the first four matches, to jump out to a 12-3 lead. 

Tristen Mitchell won Quartz Hill’s first match, with a 4-0 win at 120 pounds. Preston Harvey followed with a first-period pin at 126 and Adam Wong followed with a 7-4 decision against Laurencio Lopez at 132.

After Littlerock’s Elvis Garcia scored a pin at 138 pounds, the Rebels responded by winning four straight weight classes to take a 31-9 lead.

Quartz Hill’s Alan Garcia won a 7-0 decision against Littlerock’s Dustin Luis at 145 and Quartz Hill’s Mason Fiala scored a pin at 152.

Quartz Hill’s Brody Penner won at 160 pounds when Littlerock’s Estan Arevalo was disqualified for three consecutive head butts.

“It gets really ugly fast. Chances are that was probably for the league championship,” Coleman said. “Wrestling in general is a very self disciplined sport. They’re very disciplined athletes. Those are kids going way beyond what other kids do. These kids outwork and outhustle other kids, but it’s a rough sport. Sometimes tempers will flare.”

Quartz Hill junior Austin Shafer, a second-year varsity wrestler, followed with a 9-1 victory at 170 pounds.

“I wrestled really well,” Shafer said. “I need to work on a few things. My behavior wasn’t good. I need to work on that.

“At the end of the day, attitude doesn’t help. Let your wrestling speak for you.”

The 182-pound match began as a tightly contested match, but abruptly ended when Littlerock’s Alejandro Aquilar was dropped on his head by Quartz Hill’s Andrew Gordon. 

Emotions that were already running high, boiled over as coaches and players exchanged heated words and Gordon gestured towards the Littlerock coaches.

Coaches and officials from both teams calmed both teams down, as well as heated fans in the stands.

Aguilar won on a disqualification, but lay still on the mat as paramedics were called. Aguilar was immobilized on a backboard and transported to the hospital.

Littlerock coach Mike DeVestern said he would contact Andrew’s mother later Wednesday night to find out his condition.

“I don’t think it determined the match,” DeVestern said. “They were beating us. They came out more aggressive and more physical.

“I told them to keep their heads up and have integrity and sportsmanship. It’s the No. 1 characteristic for us, sportsmanship. If you lose a match, you go off with grace.”

Coleman said he considered forfeiting the remaining four matches, since the Rebels had already clinched the victory.

“We were considering bying it out,” Coleman said. “We had clinched a win. But they wanted to wrestle.

“It sucks it takes an injury for everybody to stop and think.”

The injury, which delayed the meet for half an hour, ultimately led the Lobos to forfeit their 220-pound match, since Aguilar’s brother Antonio Aguilar was scheduled to compete in that match, but left with his family to go to the hospital.

After competition resumed, Quartz Hill’s Ethan Soto-Capps scored a pin at 195 pounds.

Quartz Hill’s Maximus Maldonado had the forfeit win at 220.

Quartz Hill senior Antonio Samulde, a first-year wrestler, scored a 3-1 win in overtime of the heavyweight match against Littlerock’s Isaiah Flores.

“I won’t lie to you, I spent most of the time asking how his teammate was doing,” Samulde said. “I joked ‘I feel bad, but I still have to win this match.’ Tempers just need to be held in check. Coming from football where this type of thing happens all the time, this is supposed to be more of a gentleman’s sport.

“It was good competition. I think we have a lot to work on. I think we’ll have to work on more things, like working on the ground.”

Quartz Hill still has to face Highland and defending champion Knight.

Littlerock’s Jonathan Bartlett scored a pin at 106 pounds in the final match of the meet.

Littlerock’s Isaac Gutierrez had started the meet with a 4-2 victory at 113 pounds against Quartz Hill’s Zachary Burgdoff.

Littlerock will face Knight in its next league match after the New Year.

“We’ll take a break next week,” DeVestern said. “I don’t want to overwork them. I want to make them want to come back to the wrestling room.”

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(10) comments


This post will be dedicated to all of those people who attended that wrestling match that day. Emotions did run very high. I am Alejandro Aguilars girlfriend and the sight of him laying on the floor there was terrifying. I want to say that both LHS and QHHS id have Wrestlers that were saying some vulgar things. However, first and foremost that is not the issue at all here. I could care less who said what , all I care about is that Alejandro is alive and did not suffer from a concussion. I am a medical students at CSUSB and have studied what concussions could do to anyone in any sport whether at the college level or high school level. Alejandro hit the mat very hard and could have suffered from a concussion. I Thank God that he did not suffer from a concussion and that is alive and well. I could care less about the rude comments made from both sides. The only thing that bothered me that night was that after Alejandro got injured people from QHHS, both adults and wrestlers lacked support and showed disrespect to Alejandro as he lay there injured. I myself was a wrestler at LHS and if there is one thing we all learn first is that you never pick someone up and slam them on the floor like that because it could cause heavy injury. The first priority in any sport should not be rivalry nor animosity. Winning means nothing when someone's life is at stake. Honestly, that was a traumatic night. I was angry and heartbroken and disappointed. What if Alejandro suffered a concussion? What then? Would you guys all say lets put that night behind us! No, situations like these should be avoided at all costs and the only way to do that is monitor the techniques coaches are teaching their wrestlers. The thing that bugs me the most is that the wrestler who slammed Alejandro Aguilar is a varsity wrestler and has wrestled in the past enough to know what moves are legal and what moves are illegal. I dont care if his anger made him slam Alejandro on the floor, because yes he was angry that Alejandro was winning the match 4 to 0. So , he intentionally used that anger to slam him. To him I would like to say, that he should be ashamed of himself for doing what he did. Because no matter how many time we explain it or in what way , it was wrong of him to do that, period. Winning isn't everything. At this point no one should care about who one or who lost or who was being rude and who wasn't. As Alejandro lay there in pain, not being able to move or get up, his mother was crying uncontrollably and shaking as was I and the rest of his family. All because of one bad technique and a QHHS wrestler who clearly did not know what he was doing. As Alejandro lay there flat on the mat I was right beside him and both the LHS and QHHS Head coaches were discussing and the QHHS coach said , " It was and accident". That was not an accident people, because how can something be an accident when it is carried with malicious intent. Not only that but the slam was performed by a student wrestler who if taught the right way, knew in all levels that that move was by far anything from right.
In addition, that night started off bad right off of that because lets not forget the prior 2 LHS wrestlers who were also picked up and slammed to the mat, obviously not as severe as Alejandro's incident. However, all of that was uncalled for. The QHHS wrestlers were also screaming at LHS Wrestlers already wrestling on the mats, with comments that resemebled "they suck, etc". Like I said before I could care less who one or who lost, I could care less about the rude comments and opinions. Just remember this night forever QHHS and LHS because it can happen again if things dont change and the out come could be far worse. Also to the wrestler that id this to my boyfriend I expect an apology a sincere one. Also from the head coach at QHHS because our wrestlers and you were very disrespectful. The only person I saw that stood up to the situation was one of your ex wrestlers who helps coach your wrestlers. He was the only one who scolded at them and told them to never wrestle like that and that they know better. So from you head coach at QHHS, Alejandro and his family deserve an apology and also deserved far more respect at your school that night but its too late for that. So, they will be waiting for you and your wrestler to apologize. In addition, I would like to thank everyone who helped out that night, even some of the QHHS Staff, parents, and LHS Staff and parents. Thanks to those who supported Alejandro as he left, and who checked up on him. Also one word of advice for any sports team at any level, when someone from either side is injured it is only respectful to remain silent as the person is being treated. It is called respect for the injured. Whether you are a coach, student, teacher, wrestler, I dont care. In the end a person is a person. If he or she is injured always remain respectful and try not to escalate the situation. Let this be a moment for everyone to learn from.


As a QHHS parent and spectator of the wrestling match between QHHS and LRHS I do agree that the wrestling move was uncalled for as well as extremely dangerous. Unfortunately emotions ran high that night and concluded with a wrestler getting hurt. There are accusations being thrown out that paint a one-sided picture. I will say that both sides are equally guilty of " trash talking". Yes, both sides parents and wrestlers. As fast as what is being said about QHHS wrestlers lacking sportsmanship, some maybe. However how many of you were witness to LRHS wrestlers exhibiting a lack of sportsmanship when they list a match. How many of you heard them screening at the top of their lungs the "F word" and " I want to kill them". I did. Yes it was after the wrestler had lost his match and yes he was outside, but there was no LRHS coach there to appropriately handle the situation. The accusation that is the most upsetting however, is the one of the QHHS wrestlers being recist toward Hispanics. To the individual who made that grossly inaccurate comment I would like to say this. Please before you make such an ignorant comment please check your facts. The QHHS wrestling program is very racially diverse. I will not go into all the races representes, but will say that there are many Hispanics involved in the program. Yes, the are Hispanics on the team who are well liked and who were present and competing in the match. It is ignorance like this that fuels racism. As a parent, fan of QHHS wrestling, and sports in general no matter who you are cheering for lets be supportive of our sons and or daughters in a positive manner and display good sportsmanship ourselves and maybe we can avoid another such incident.



Shameful hypocritical comment.
I have full video of coach Coleman yelling the entire night along with wrestlers who no longer attend school there any longer. I will gladly send you video refuting all your points. What we had here was kids from LHS who have not wrestled their entire lives, whose disadvantage was lack of experience over smarmy QH kids who have been wrestling for a long time. The LHS were not lacking heart or spirit despite their loss. The agony and thought of losing to less experienced LHS wrestlers was not going to sit well and thus resorting to the lowest level was the best they could muster. Momof5 so aptly proves to us that she has history in the sport. Can you imagine losing to a kid who has been wrestling for less than a year? QH and Coleman sure couldn't. There was a microphone available where coach Coleman and or the ref could have addressed this heinous act, but chose not do so lest they show weakness. Despite the incident. I want to congratulate all the wrestlers and the assistant QH coach who did not take sides. Big shout out to LHS coaches who demonstrated to all present that chivalry and respect for the sport supersedes a congested and sanguienous ego.


I’m afraid that adrenaline and emotion shaded a lot of opinions at the wrestling meet. From my perspective, as a QH parent, we were all very worried about the injured Littlerock wrestler. I didn’t see a single parent or fan address anyone from Littlerock at all. The Quartz Hill parents were just as worried about Aquilar as everyone else. In the heat of the moment the Littlerock coach yelled at our wrestler “Are you retarded?!” because he was rightfully worried about his wrestler. Fueled by adrenaline, and reacting to being yelled at, our wrestler inappropriately flipped the coach off. He did not say the “n word”. When our wrestler got back to the bench assistant coach Saad loudly reprimanded the wrestler and had the team sit quietly. Coach Coleman was busy checking on the injured wrestler, and then left it up to the Littlerock coaches and medical personnel to care for him. I have had nothing but good experiences with the Littlerock coaches over the last 7 years I’ve been watching my sons in the league, and Coleman teaches his boys nothing but honor and respect. Just because he wasn’t publicly addressing the dangerous wrestling move, doesn’t mean it won’t be addressed in practice. It’s so easy to rush to judgment and anger, but I hope everyone would try to remember that we’re all just parents who love our kids and want them to have fun and do their best. We’re not out for blood, we’re not hateful, and we certainly don’t want anyone to get hurt. I am so glad to hear that Aquilar is doing well, and hope this incident can be put behind us.


I do agree with your first sentence it's very accurate. Adrenaline and emotions did indeed shape many individuals's opinions. I unfortunately can not say the same for your second and third sentence... It's nice that you've stated that all QH parents were worried but they're actions showed otherwise. Giving LHS dirty looks is not a facial expression of concern but instead of anger towards LHS. What wasn't so nice was to state that not a single parent and fan was not worried! Excuse me who were the individuals to comfort the injured wrestler and the rest of the LHS wrestlers? Explain to me who was it then and give me a solid guess. I'll specifically tell you who- His mother, father, brothers, and his girlfriend. Along with the Lieutnant Colonel of LHS ROTC program, LHS's Principle, Medical Personnel, a few fans, and Saad who was the only worried coach from QH. You can't possibly tell me that huge crowd surrounding Alejandro wasn't a single parent or fan because many were there from the beginning to the end ma'am. Yes, in the heat of the moment some unpleasant words were exchanged even the " n word." Many heard it coming out of Gordon's mouth since he shouted it out loud. I have no idea where you were when this happened but it was clearly heard all though out the gym. Without fail yes Saad did calm his wrestlers down in that manner. There was no moment that Coleman was even near Ale. He was specifically off the mat with his wrestlers allowing them to mess around. While Saad was concerned and checked on Aguliar. I seriously question your opinion about your son's coach. If he shows " nothing but respect," it would truly show within his wrestlers' actions. Is showing honor purposefully throwing another wrestler to the ground with full force to another individual's neck honor? Is joking around in such a serious moment and allowing them to do so respectful?? I don't think so and I believe many others individuals would agree that it is not honor nor respect. Coleman has clearly failed to teach his wrestlers those specific great qualities. QH may not be out for blood but for "nobody to get hurt" I question that as well. Andrew Gordon clearly showed that yes indeed he was out to hurt Ale during their 3 round. Also pushing this issue to the side is not something to be taken lightly. As a student of the AV Distract I'm very disappointed in what you've claimed through out your comment since most is false.


This was my first wrestling meet I had ever been to. Coming from a spectators point of view, it looked that the Quartz Hill team was ran by the wrestlers. I took notice that the Littlerock coaches came to the stands and told the parents to make sure they don’t act how the QH fans were acting “ which they were yelling at the LHS coaches as they ran out there after there guy practically looked like he broke his neck” .but yet nobody contained the spectators?? Also when one kid did say something from LHS I heard the LHS coach say “you’ll be kicked off this team if you act like that”. Not once did I see a QH coach say anything to the fans and parents who were antagonizing the parents of the injured kid and the LHS coaches who were standing by. I’m almost curious if the QH coaches even heard what the QH parents were saying to the coaches and family of the injured kid? I almost certain they heard and allowed this misconduct.. further more the kid was thrown on his neck like a WWF move and it seemed the QH staff had no remorse and brushed off the Injury.. hopefully next time QH will stand and applaud when an injured kid is carried off in a stretcher. I believe if QH wants to earn respect they need to get control over there team and fans.


Shame on avpress for letting lies squeeze in like this. When did the author of this article bother to interview a neutral spectator? Mr Coleman has good reason to be biased in his assessment is he not? I was there and saw the injury. In fact i tended to the injured wrestler while Mr Coleman was bickering about his wrestler being disqualified. Mr Coleman never check on the injured player. What does this say about his ethics/morals. Mr Coleman sounded like a yapping sailor drunk on cheap whiskey the whole night ranting and raving. His conduct was repulsive and should not be allowed near teenagers. While LHS coaches all sat and watch the matches, Mr Coleman high on his wrestlers sweat not once sat down. Drug test this man. If QH was ahead in points why did Gordon reduce himself to such barbarity. I will tell you why. The QH team's behavior that night reflects how little control Mr Coleman had over the team. Mr Coleman has lied to the avpress and his integrity is beyond questionable. The artcle mentions that gordon gestured at LHS. Just tell the truth and say what really happened AVpress. Gordon flipped the team off and called them the N word. This is perhaps because the majority of LHS wrestlers are of Hispanic heritage. Could it be that the entire QH wrestling team including Mr Coleman are racists? I don't know. That's a question for the principal and Mr Coleman who never bothered to check on a student who lay gasping for air. What if that was your child Mr Coldman?


I believe it's an outrage that QHHS gets a slap on the hand for such heinous behavior. They should be disqualified and banned for said behavior especially when they admittedly said they had joked at such a serious time. What would they have done had the severity of the injury been tremendously greater to the student?! From the coaches to the students and even the parents should be ashamed of themselves. Especially when hearsay that was overheard was that QHHS intentionally cause bodily harm to the LHS student. [angry]


I strongly disagree with Coleman's statement on his " disciplined athletes." Are they truly disciplined if Andrew Gordon caused such a serious injury to the head on Alejandro Aguliar? Are they truly disciplined if Samudle admitted to foul around at such a serious moment like what just recently happened last night? No, therefore it's false and truly disappointing. Also if you ever read my comment explain to me why you would allow your wrestlers to foul around when all of this was going on. It sure seemed to me that you wrestlers are controlling you instead of the other way around. Wrestling would have been displayed as a gentlemen's game if Quartz Hill's wrestlers actually understood sportsmanship. Rather than practice on being low on the ground learn and teach your students how to self-reflection instead.


I find it aggravating that the QH coach has the nerve to lie about the injury, because in fact, Alejandro landed on his NECK not on his head. And I found it uncalled for that the the rebels decided to have a such unnecessary attitude towards LHS. The intensity wouldn’t have escalated in a negative way if only QHHS wrestlers knew how to behave.

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