Brian Golden


It seems like every time the formerly Golden State opens its mouth on a national stage these days, we embarrass ourselves a little more.

Senator Dianne Feinstein and her 20-year Chinese spy chauffeur.

The other Smear Sister, Sen. Kamala Harris, hypocritically lecturing Justice Brett Kavanaugh on sexual assault, while her own staff is accused of it.

Maxine Waters. Adam Schiff. Enough said.

Throw in Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and you have the bar scene in Star Wars under the Capitol Rotunda.

There’s an app that helps you avoid the streets in San Francisco most pungently covered with poop.

The French — the FRENCH! — nearly sparked another revolution over gas taxes.

The Sheeple of California?

We voted to keep ’em comin’ in November.

More than ever, sports have retrieved California’s good name.

Two World Series at Dodger Stadium. America’s first World Baseball Classic championship. Mike Trout. The Houston Astrohawks. The Golden State Warriors. Super Bowl 50.

Monday’s College Football Playoff national championship humiliation of Alabama. The greatest Monday Night Football game in history.

And now, we’re working on the most astonishing irritant of them all:

An Intra-City Super Bowl.

The Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers have a very real shot at meeting in Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta next month.

Which is what makes the reports coming out of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum this week so disappointing.

The Rams and Dallas Cowboys are set to meet in prime time in the NFC Divisional Playoffs Saturday.

It’s their first playoff meeting in downtown L.A. in 40 years.

And Rams fans are somehow selling their tickets to Cowboys fans.

Not just because of the monsoon forecast, either.

If this sounds familiar, it should.

When Wisconsin played in its first Rose Bowl in 30 years in 1993, UCLA fans sold out their team for some extra Christmas cash.

Thirty pieces of silver, to be exact.

More than 75,000 of the Rose Bowl’s 94,000 seats were filled with Badger fans.

The world’s largest beer garden west of Madison cheered a 21-16 victory that was Hall of Famer Terry Donahue’s only Rose Bowl loss.

Los Angeles has a serious chance to get to its first Super Bowl since the Raiders’ 38-9 un-headdressing of the Washington Redskins in 1984.

And you want to sit home and watch it on TV, Rams Nation?

Whose House?

Jerry Jones’ House?

If you have tickets, if you have any civic pride, if you have any guts, we will see you at the Coliseum come rain or shine on Saturday.

Let’s show the nation, and the world, the real California.

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