When he conducted what turned out to be his exit interview with the Oklahoma City media, Paul George’s black pullover could have been a hint of coming attractions.

Over the heart was an American flag.

Beneath it were the numbers 93552 — the zip code of his neighborhood growing up in Palmdale.

On the sleeves were the crew patches of the six Apollo Lunar landing missions.

Tranquility Base here. 

PG-13 has landed.

Palmdale’s favorite son will be back on his old stomping grounds next Thursday evening at Marie Kerr Park.

The Knight High School legend will help cut the ribbon on two newly refurbished outdoor basketball courts, and a new gaming suite compliments of PG-13 and 2K, publishers of the wildly popular NBA 2K video games.

The gaming suite will include two 55-inch HD-enabled TVs, two PlayStation 4 video game consoles with four hand controllers, as well as furniture and artwork to adorn the walls.

The 2K Foundation also provides assistance to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in public schools.

Fittingly, this is the 13th project of refurbishing outdoor basketball courts and providing gaming facilities by the 2K Foundation in its first year of existence.

Paul George will wear No. 13 for the Los Angeles Clippers this season.

Other cities to be so blessed include Los Angeles, Oakland, Baltimore, Charlotte and Akron, Ohio.

Shortly after the ribbon cutting ceremonies with George, Palmdale Mayor Steve Hofbauer, 2K Foundation representatives, members of the City Council and other dignitaries, Knight and Highland will take their Golden League rivalry outdoors to christen the new basketball courts.

Thirteen months ago, Paul and Paulette George’s son held his second annual Paul George Fishing Tournament at Castaic Lake. 

He presented the $85,000 raised to his hometown to refurbish outdoor basketball courts at Dominic Massari Park and Marie Kerr Park.

Outdoor basketball courts are very precious to the greatest basketball talent the high desert region has ever produced.


Don’t winds that threaten to turn your jumper from the corner into a punt kind of complicate things?

“Sure, conditions can be tough sometimes,” George told the Valley Press a year ago before his sixth NBA All-Star Game appearance. “But what they do is force you to make tough shots. That helped me as a player.

“That ability to make tough shots came with me from Knight to Fresno State, and now the NBA.”

Talk about a longshot.

A son of our windswept plains, that are so much better suited geometrically for baseball, football or soccer, instead goes on to become one of the 10 best basketball players on the planet?

This isn’t the stuff of video games. 

Paul George will be home in living HD to prove it next Thursday night.

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