As NASCAR returns to a superspeedway for the first time since the Daytona 500, rules changes will be in place to prevent the frightening airborne crash of Ryan Newman at the checkered flag.

The engine area has been reduced enough to drop horsepower 35-40 MPH.

To limit drafting, aero vents have been removed from the cars this week.

Drafting is the process of two cars lining up in tandem to make both cars run faster.

Also, oil and fuel tanks have been modified so that should a car flip upside down, there will be no downward leakage.

Newman had the lead in turn four coming to the checkered flag at Daytona before he was bumped from behind, went airborne, and was plowed through by Corey Lajoie upon landing.

Amazingly, Newman walked out of the hospital two days later. He returned to the track when NASCAR did on May 14.

Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama has the fastest speeds recorded in NASCAR, approaching 240 MPH.

Formula One to Race on an Oval?

As Formula One officials sort out the delayed 2020 schedule beyond the first six races in Europe, an interesting and potential historic site has emerged.

In hosting a doubleheader Grands Prix of Bahrain, one of the races could be contested on an oval.

The Bahrain Motorsports Park features several layouts, ala Willow Springs.

One is an oval.

No Formula One race has ever been run on an oval.

The closest would be years when the Indianapolis 500 counted toward the World Driving championship.

“Bahrain offers us several interesting possibilities to host two Grands Prix there,” said Ross Brawn, F-1’s managing director. “We’re looking at all options.”

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