Lakers or Clippers?

Clippers or Lakers?

TV made its choice Monday with the release of the 2019-20 National Basketball Association schedule.


All four Clippers-Lakers games will be nationally televised, beginning with Opening Night, Oct. 22.

ABC will tip off its schedule with Lakers-Clippers on Christmas Day.

We’ve never had the Hallway Series, a playoff matchup of our two Los Angeles County NBA teams.

Perhaps our first will be the NBA Western Conference finals. 

Winner gets to play for the championship of the rest of the world beyond L.A. County.

The choosing up sides is already well under way here in the Valley.

LeBron/AD/Boogie, or Kawhi/PG-13/Patrick Beverley?

The conversation was spirited at the Hertz Rent-A-Car counter in Lancaster.

“Who’s your team, sir?” demanded a vivacious Lakers fan.

“Whoever Paul George is playing for,” I responded.

“Paul George?” she sniffed dismissively. “Why Paul George?”

Was she pulling my leg?

“Because he’s our neighbor from Palmdale,” I explained.

“Really?” came her response after a minute or so. “He grew up in Palmdale?”

Woebegotten, windswept, better-for-baseball-or-football-or-soccer Palmdale, is what she meant to say.

“Where do you think he learned to make all those tough shots he makes all the time in the NBA?” I asked the lady. “Playing outdoors in Palmdale.”

“Yeah, but he’s still no LeBron or Anthony Davis or Boogie Cousins,” she answered.

It was time for a little history lesson.

“Maybe,” I began. “But none of those guys ever spent $45,000 out of their own pocket to make sure every student at Knight High School and every boy and girl at the Palmdale Boys and Girls Clubs got something from Nike with his old No. 24 from the Indiana Pacers.

“And I didn’t see Boogie, LeBron or A.D. putting on a fishing tournament at Castaic Lake that raised $85,000 to refurbish outdoor basketball courts in Palmdale. But Paul George did.”

“That’s really nice,” she said. “But I still like the Lakers!”

This may be the most excitement we’ve had choosing up sides.

Lakers or Clippers? 

What do you think?

LeBron or Paul George?

That’s a no-brainer.

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