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SWING AWAY — The Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger bats during a game against the San Diego Padres on Sunday in Los Angeles. The Dodgers open the second half in Boston today.

There’s one good way to quickly re-focus their energies for the Dodgers.

Try, a World Series rematch with the world champion Boston Red Sox who thoroughly out-classed them in the 2018 Fall Classic.

Los Angeles resumes the 2019 season with a seven-game road trip to Boston and Philadelphia.

The Dodgers are still smarting from a three-game losing streak, at home, to the San Diego Padres last weekend.

“It was good for our team to get away from Baseball for a few days during the All-Star Break,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “But now we’re re-energized to get going again.

“The first series after the break is a reminder that the season is moving along to the most important time. Certainly starting in Fenway Park will emphasize it even more.”

The Dodgers were never really in the 2019 World Series in the Red Sox’s five-game blowout.

Hyun-Jin Ryu and Clayton Kershaw took the losses in the first two games in Boston, where the bundled-up Dodgers looked uncomfortable right from the start of batting practice.

Max Muncy’s 18th inning home run won the longest game in World Series history in Game 3. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, 18 innings only counted for one victory.

Rich Hill’s six shutout innings in Game 4 did momentarily hold out hope that the Dodgers could tie the Series.

Instead the franchise’s infallible analytics canons meant Hill had to leave the game before facing the potent Red Sox lineup a third time.

The Dodgers left the game shortly thereafter. 

Kershaw took the loss in Game 5, as the American League champions celebrated a world championship on the field at Dodger Stadium for a second straight year.

Ryu and Kershaw have reinvented themselves this season.

Alex Verdugo has emerged as a potent force in the outfield.

Plus, Corey Seager has been activated from the injured list after a month healing a hamstring injury.

Center fielder A.J. Pollock may not be far behind.

This is a different team in 2019, the Dodgers insist.

This weekend will prove if they’re right.

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