Brian Golden

It’s official.

As if there were any doubts.

Minor League Baseball and the California League formally announced the cancellation of the 2020 season Tuesday.

They officially pulled the plug, the life support plug, on the Lancaster JetHawks.

Now you can go by The Hangar and pay your last respects to the incredible phenomenon that was JetHawks Baseball.

Dead at the tender age of 24.

But this was no California suicide. 

No overdose of anything but malignant major league mismanagement. 

They can take the crime scene tape down now.

Don’t look for the JetHawks’ murderer on “America’s Most Wanted,” or the local FBI Top 10 in the post office.

Like so many others who’ve destroyed things on live national television in the past month and then strutted around in self-satisfaction, you can find him attending Major League games all over the country.

We may even see him presenting the World Series Trophy to the Dodgers in November.

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred can come and go where he pleases in Los Angeles, where the mayor bows and scrapes and kneels in front of criminals.

But don’t even think about showing your face ever again in Aerospace Valley, pal.

That’s the area from Santa Clarita north to California City, from Boron west to Antelope Acres.

We can’t guarantee your safety in a place where you ripped so many hearts out of our children’s chests.

You’ve Rob-bed America of Baseball on the Fourth of July for the first time since 1981, and just the second time since the game’s founding in Cincinnati in 1869.

You’ve Rob-bed hundreds of Valley teenagers of summer jobs.

You’ve Rob-bed hundreds of underprivileged kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs of the only hot meal that too many of them had every week in the Lancaster JetHawks Youth Baseball League.

In perhaps the most unintended consequence of all, you’ve turned these parts back into bright red GOP territory again.

I know plenty of people around here who’ve never voted for a Republican, who want to do everything they can to make sure our local Congressman, Rep Kevin McCarthy (R-23rd) becomes Speaker of the United States House of Representatives next year.

Then a man who would be two brainwaves removed from the leadership of the Free World would have enough juice to send you and your owner puppeteers running for new underwear by saying two simple words:


And Speaker McCarthy would make you put the JetHawks back.

I’ve been a proud Valley resident for 38 years.

I love and admire my neighbors, who are the most decent people in Los Angeles County.

The hottest day Mother Nature ever throws at us won’t be nearly as warm as our people.

But right now, Commissioner, the neighbors here are hot. 


While fighting off COVID-19, they never expected to get an axe buried in their backs.

Once we beat this Coronavirus and get the economy going full blast again, there’s going to be an axe-kicking day of reckoning around here.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, Rob.

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