Brian Golden

It should be a popular promotional contest at Staples Center this weekend.

What is Patrick Beverley whispering in Kevin Durant’s ear?

In his eye?

In his chest?

Send your best guess to

The Los Angeles Clippers are home today preparing for a suddenly very pivotal Game 3 in their first round Western Conference playoff series with the two-time defending world champion Golden State Warriors.

The Clips rallied from 31 points down in the second half to shock the champs in Game 2 Monday.

Put another way, the Dubs pulled the biggest collapse in the Bay Area since the Dot-Com KaBOOM.

Steve Ballmer’s team is playing with the house money in this one, allegedly hopeless underdogs.

But this is more accurately Jerry West’s team.

The Logo designed the Golden State dynasty, too.

So ya think he might know where the weaknesses are, where the bodies are buried.

The Clippers are in the best place an underdog can be right now — the Warriors’ heads.

They’re the last team to beat the champions in the Western Conference playoffs, five years ago.

These Clippers are symbolized by Beverley, who at 6-foot-1 gives away eight inches in height to Durant.

Beverley volunteered to check James Harden against the Houston Rockets, and Paul George against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Remember, Durant is nicknamed “Durantula” for his wingspan, which is that of a 7-foot-3 man.

Tony Allen, the former six time all-NBA defender,was saying on the radio the other day that Beverley is defensing Durant perfectly.

By getting in Durant’s kitchen, he’s not allowing the long-limbed superstar the space to get untracked and put the ball on the deck for drives to the basket.

The more this goes on, the more the pressure ratchets up on Durant.

The Dubs had a losing record when Durant tried to step up into the leadership void left by Steph Curry’s early-season injury.

He was ejected in abject frustration in Game 1, and wasn’t even on the floor for the finish of Game 2.

Patrick Beverley is the leader Chris Paul never was in the playoffs for the Clippers.

Beverley looks for tight spaces to zing opposing superstars the way Paul looked for a soft place to fall down.

Beverley looks for his next challenge.

Paul looked for his next excuse.

There is something special brewing with these Clippers, just the way there is with the Columbus Blue Jackets, longtime playoff sufferers in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

They just took down the Tampa Bay Lightning in a shocking four-game sweep of the most dominant regular season NHL champion in 43 years.

Can Lighting strike twice?

These aren’t your father’s Clippers, so it’s worth finding out.

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