Brian Golden

Baseball’s back.

Aren’t you excited?

The Players Association voted against Commissioner Rob Manfred’s dictate for a 60-game season, paving the way for him to impose the schedule.

It starts July 24 — Christmas Eve, five months early.

Ah, NO.

Opening Day in April always feels like Christmas Morn.

Call this Christmas Mourn.

This feels more like a call from the Sheriff, confirming they’ve found your stolen car or bike.

“The car’s been stripped, the tires and wheels and stereo system are gone, the roof is crushed and the doors, hood and trunk are dented,” the deputy says. “But Mr. Golden, at least you have your car back!”

Gee, swell.

The Major League Baseball that returns on July 24 will be maimed by the imposition of the designated hitter in the National League.

The last bastion of the sport that played the game the way God intended will become the latest victim of serial baseball killer Manfred’s reign of terror.


It will be filed with the thimble-brained negotiating strategy of Rob Manfred to wound the game more than the Coronavirus has.

The DH was a gimmick needed in 1973 to goose an American League left schlerotic by Jurassic Parks and a shortage of the Black and Latino stars who made the National League game so electric.

Now the NL and AL will be indistinguishable.

They’ll both be glorified versions of the swing-for-the-fences beer league softball teams at Sgt. Steve Owen Memorial Park.

Hey, why stop at one offensive specialist?

Let’s have whole offensive and defensive units, like in the NFL.

(SHHHHHH… don’t give him any more stupid ideas.)

Now it’s certain we will have the first Fourth of July without Baseball since 1981, and just the second ever.

But no Fourth of July and no Minor League Baseball in the same tortuous summer?

That’a another first for the worst Commissioner in baseball history.

Benedict Arnold and the Rosenbergs only wish they could have been as destructive in their traitorous sabotage as this genius has been.

Adding insult to injury, in the run-up to 7/24, the cancellation of the 2020 MiLB season will be made official.

And with it, the mass murder of 42 minor league clubs including the Lancaster JetHawks.

Gee, don’t we have a lot to look forward to?

In August, the Dodgers and Angels will be competing with the Lakers and Clippers, the most incredible Stanley Cup playoff tournament in history, and an NFL preseason featuring onetime Eastside star Joshua Kelley’s improbable path to pro football becoming the stuff of fable.

It will be so much more fun than the fable that Baseball is America’s pastime.

A bunch of greed-choked owners and their hand puppet of a Commissioner have destroyed that idea.

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