Leann Rimes

Grammy winner LeAnn Rimes will return to the Antelope Valley on Dec. 16, at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center, with her “You and Me and Christmas” tour.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, you might want to hurry, as tickets for Rimes’ LPAC show are limited. Pit tickets are sold out, balcony tickets cost $59 and orchestra tickets are $64.

This is Rimes’ sixth annual Christmas tour. The busy singer, songwriter, actress and author answered questions via email in advance of her show.

“Yea hard to believe it’s our sixth Christmas tour!’ Rimes wrote. “This year, it is a lot more intimate, like you are singing with me in my living room. We sing holiday songs, some of my career hits and make it a really fun night. We have some amazing new musicians joining me on stage that will stir up the magic in new ways. The first few shows have been a blast and I think you all will really enjoy it as well! Come out and see us!”

Rimes has a new soundtrack out now, “It’s Christmas Eve” and a Hallmark Channel original film to go with it. She wrote three songs specifically for the movie, including the title track and “You and Me and Christmas” and “The Gift of Your Love.”

“For the film, I play Eve, I am a superintendent and my dad passed away,” she wrote. “I was brought back to my hometown to help save the music program at my local school and there is some music intertwined throughout the movie and a love interest of course … It’s a really heart-warming film and it has been performing incredibly well on Hallmark. I am glad you are all enjoying it! They will be continuing to re-air it all the way up until New Years Eve!”

She added: “We filmed the movie in Canada in March. It was a little odd to film it so early, but Christmas is my favorite time of year so I loved it!”

Looking toward her show at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center, audience members will get a full spectrum of Rimes’ career with her hit songs mixed with the holiday songs.

“Oh yes absolutely,” Rimes wrote. “We literally do weave them throughout the show; we perform different renditions of them then how they were originally recorded. They can actually be found on an album I released earlier this year ‘Re-Imagined.’ But they flow in and out of the show in a really fun yet organic way, it’s fun to hear the audiences reactions when we do (them).”

She first rose to country music stardom when she was 13 years old, following the release of “Blue,” a cover of the Bill Mack song that was first released in 1958. Her 1996 debut album, also called “Blue,” reached No. 1 on the Top Country Albums chart and was certified multi-platinum in sales by the Recording Industry Association of America.

“Gosh, I would tell myself, ‘Get ready you are in for a ride!’ Ha ha,” she wrote when asked what she might tell her teenaged self. “It has been an incredible journey, with a lot of highs and lows, but I am thankful for all of it.”

Rimes rose to fame as a country singer, but she has crossed over into pop. Last year she scored two dance club hits with remixes of LovE is LovE is LovE” and “Long Live Love,” both songs she is proud of and glad they resonated with people.

“I’m fortunate that over the course of my career, I have been able to make music that crosses multiple genres and people enjoy it!” she wrote.

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