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In an effort to better unify getting the word out for upcoming events in the Antelope Valley, here is a preview of local shows coming up in the month of November.

American Legion 311

Nov. 1

In The End — The Linkin Park Experience

8 p.m.


This weekend at the American Legion, Numbskull Productions, in conjunction with local promoters Sucka Punch Productions, bring you a tribute to Linkin Park that is second to none. Comprised of veteran members of the music industry, these shows celebrate the life of Chester Bennington and raise awareness for charities started by Linkin Park, including MusicForRelief and 320ChangesDirection.

Nov. 16

Myka 9 — Hip Hop

8 p.m.


Sucka Punch Productions proudly presents Myka9 from the legendary group Freestyle Fellowship with his original style accompanied by jazzy beats. He described his style in an LA Weekly interview by saying “My rhymes take the direction of a jazz trumpet or sax solo, like Miles or Trane, if I was to rhyme in the same meter as those notes ... that’s my concept.”

Also appearing on the bill will be Weapon of the Masses, Osiris Cedric, Pro, ThaMaddMan, Profound and the Pose Crew beatboxing group. His style is unmatched and duplicated by many. Since the 1980s, Myka 9 has been a staple in the underground and alternative rap scene in Los Angeles. He has also appeared in the Hip-Hop documentaries “Freestyle: The Art Of Rhyme” and “This Is The Life.”

Nov. 21

Strung Out and The Casualties — Punk Rock

7 p.m.


Legendary Punk bands The Casualties and Strung Out will bring their signature sounds to the Antelope Valley. Since 1990, both, the Casualties and Strung Out have been bringing there hardcore Punk sound to all areas of America and the world, at large. Both bands are known for an intense live performance that is not one to be missed.

The Britisher

Support the local music scene

Hailing from parts of Louisiana and Georgia. collectively, local promoter Burgerwolf and band Macready present the Dark Future tour comprised of artists Glitch Black, Georgio Franco and Watch Out For Snakes. The Dark Future North American Tour is making a pitstop at Lancaster’s favorite dive. These artists will bring their “Retro Electronic Aggression” to the Antelope Valley along Macready, who’s opening the show. This fun retro, yet modern, sound is one best experienced live and in person. You don’t want to miss this chance to catch these Southern Darksynth gentlemen.

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