Former Antelope Valley singer/songwriter Eric Slater will perform live, Sept. 21, at The Canyon Santa Clarita with Martha Davis and The Motels.

He played guitar with Davis and The Motels at a show about five years ago.

“We had a really good time together,” Slater said. “It was really short notice, I was only able to do one rehearsal with them.”

Now he and his band will open for them.

“I like to keep it flexible for different types of environments,” Slater said. “When I do venues like, bigger shows, I bring a full band with me.”

He grew up in a musical family and likely inherited the music gene from his musician father Al, a Valley piano technician. Slater learned how to play piano first, then the guitar.

He played in local bands for several years before he pursued a solo career. He moved to Los Angeles about eight or nine years ago and been able to make a career out of music.

“It’s interesting how it’s evolved and grown over the years,” Slater said.

A lot of the people he met over the years are still in his life in different capacities. For example, the producer and engineer who worked on his second solo album.

“He’s still one of my guys that I use for mixing and stuff like that,” Slater said. “It’s just kind of built a really cool, creative environment and I’m able to keep evolving and growing.”

He recently released two EPs, “Eric Slater & Co. Live in Los Angeles” and a six-song sampler of different singles and songs he’s been working on called “The Following the Blind” EP.

“My website’s really integrated,” Slater said. “If somebody goes to my website, they can go to the music page and link out to every possible way of getting my music.”

He will perform an opening set about 35 to 40 minutes long.

“There are people who do want to hear me just do my guitar thing,” Slater said. “I try and pull from a lot of different things. I do some covers, I pull from different releases, maybe play a new song here and there.”

Davis and The Motels had a string of hits in the ’80s with songs such as “Only the Lonely,” “Suddenly, Last Summer” and “Take The L.”

The show is scheduled for 7-11 p.m. at The Canyon Santa Clarita, 24201 Valencia Blvd.

Tickets cost $24 each plus a $1.35 fee. For details, visit

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