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As small of a community as the Antelope Valley can be, unless you keep your eyes and ears open, you can lose track of what is happening in the creative world. Even during the pandemic, it can be easy for someone to lose track of what’s happening — especially with all the live-streams, new music and other various creative projects to consume in the world. 

Here is a recap of some of the new music released over the last few months I didn’t get a chance to cover.

Since these columns cover a wide audience, here’s a breakdown about the lingo behind different releases

LP: A full-length album with a running time of about 40 minutes or more. 

EP: A mini album about half the length of a full LP.

Lazy Beam — “Pasquinade”

This is the debut EP from this “Cosmic Punk” band in the AV music scene. If I broke down the term, it sounds like taking the core of Punk Rock and blending it with various sounds. Indie rock, Surf music, Psychedelic Rock and sometimes just straight up experimental music. 

The opening track “IDK Mind Machine” has the classic ’60s washed out vocal sound that’s rich with Echoplex-like delay. The organ is the driving instrumentation that is reminiscent, in my mind, of The Horror’s first album. This culminates with the last track “Stalagmites” which is a dreamy, reverb-laden jam. The beginning of this song sounds like mythical creatures are trapped inside of a guitar amp. I’m excited to see how this sound evolves and grows on their next release.

Macready — “A.D.”

AV’s own “Synthwave” duo are back with a new EP. For those unaware, “Synthwave” is a throwback to the retro sounds of the ’80s, with a modern twist. For fans of vintage soundtracks or the synth sounds of “Stranger Things,” this is the band for you. A skillful blending of various keyboard-driven sounds, live guitars and drum machines comprises Macready’s sound. Their past releases have taken on various themes — an homage to Japanese films and covering music from “The Legend of Zelda” video game series were prominent ones. “A.D.” focuses on the cathartic release of sadness. This EP is loaded with instrumental ballads perfect for reflection or letting go of our own sadness.

Captain Smooth Talk — “101 Damnations”

This is the latest single from the five piece Ska/Punk/Reggae collective. It’s also the first glimpse into their upcoming EP. Just from this single, it already has a diverse vibe in genre. The song begins with a straight up Rock/ballad feel but quickly shifts into the upbeat Ska feel they are known for. The production is well done, allowing the vocals and instrumentation to be heard crisp and clear. It’s a great song to tease the music to come.

As always, this is only some of the new music that has been released in the last six months. Searching for new music on sites like Bandcamp, under Antelope Valley, can yield new and undiscovered results. Give it a go and don’t be afraid to surprise yourself.


You can hear some of these bands here:

Lazy Beam:


Captain Smooth Talk

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