The Heart Principle

“The Heart Principle,” by Helen Hoang (Berkley)

“The Heart Principle,” by bestselling author Helen Hoang, is a gripping love story.

Ann Sun has been struggling as of late. A professional violinist, she skyrocketed to fame after a video of her playing onstage went viral. Now, she feels completely blocked, unable to play due to a paralyzing fear that she’ll never recreate that perfect moment.

While working through this dry spell with her therapist, Anna’s longtime boyfriend tells her he wants to open up their relationship. He tells her that without exploring other options, he can’t truly know if they are meant to be. Anna isn’t happy about this, but she decides if he is going to hook up with other people, so will she.

Anna’s plan to engage in a series of one-night stands with men from dating apps is quickly thwarted when she meets Quan.

From the moment they lay eyes on each other, there is something electric between them.

No matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to spend only one night together.

When they meet, Anna has just received an autism diagnosis and is processing what that means for her, and Quan has just had a surgery that has left him feeling exceedingly insecure. Together, they navigate these unknown waters, their deep connection propelling them forward.

But when Anna’s dad falls ill and her boyfriend tries to force himself back into her life, things start to get more complicated.

“The Heart Principle” is riveting the whole way through, exploring a complex range of subjects in unique and interesting ways. Anna and Quan are an exciting, dynamic pair, their chemistry palpable as they fall deeper and deeper in love.

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