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As most people this year, I’ll be cooped up at home like a social groundhog on New Year’s Eve.

It’s quite a contrast from my usual duties, guarding a band and equipment from drunken revelers, in a packed club. Cocktails and patrons equally slosh about. However, It’s a new dawn and a new day. It’s a time to move forward with purpose. To combat these social blues, I asked folks in the music scene about their goals for 2021.

Toni Aleman, guitarist (Juan Croucier’s Ratt, Vile A Sin, London): “My goal for 2021 is to engage, more consistently, with my online audience. Being a guy who has exclusively traveled, to perform on stages across the US, my goal is to break the fourth wall between myself and the live-stream digital music audience. This is the way. ... And lose like five to 10 lbs of covid weight hahaha.”

Andrew Gonzales, guitarist/bassist/luthier (Infiniteforce, Recalibrator): “I want to think big but proceed in increments. In time, through steady action, what you now envision can become a shining reality. This is the essential foundation for my creative process for 2021. I’m going full-force with a Jazz fusion-Metal solo project with guest musicians collaborating on a few songs, 2021 will be a year of innovation, learning, and musicianship.”

Janell Crampton, solo artist/songwriter: “As of right now, we’ve made some decent strides on my debut, full-length album “Creature of Habit.” Pandemic allowing, I plan to release the album some time in 2021 (as soon as possible). I also am hoping to take a class or two this upcoming semester — maybe voice, sound, songwriting or even psychology — I feel the need to get my brain juices flowing again, fingers crossed!”

Grahmn Davis, bassist (Sound Curfew): “This next year, I’m hoping to branch out. I’ve spent the year picking up a few new instruments with the hopes of finding my own voice. I think as a constant collaborator, it’s integral to understand the ins and outs of your band mates areas of expertise, too.”

Tyler Scott, guitarist/songwriter (Revolt With Reason, Solo Artist): “To launch T&Table and grow as an artist. It’s my solo project I’m working on tracking/launching currently. Also, to play and attend more shows.”

Fayleen, solo artist/songwriter: “My creative goal for 2021 is to step out of my comfort zone more. Being creative beyond music. Also, to keep working on improving my health.”

Peter McGuire, guitarist/singer/songwriter (Thrift Store Troubadours): “Music is just a much a social thing, as it is a creative one for me. Not being able to play regularly has left me feeling estranged and depressed. Depression absolutely kills inspiration and motivation, 2020 was a rough year and I found myself going weeks and sometimes months without even touching a guitar. My biggest goal for 2021 is to work through that depression, get back to writing and record and a new Thrift Store Troubadours album.”

.XOM, Local Alternative/Indie band: “It feels strange to look back on a year where most of our goals were paused and readjust ourselves to what comes next. We want to continue to evolve our sound, move away from sad feelings and enjoy the simple things. Music has always been our getaway and we want to continue to create and most importantly enjoying it while we do it.”

Mike Zarate, singer/videographer (Devil McCoy): “For the year 2021, I would love to see more of the older bands to remember that we were all young and new to music once and instead of meeting youth with anger, meet youth with understanding. We all grew up in parking lots thinking we will never be that old punker. I just want more love, respect and community.”

Sean Gilmer, percussionist/keyboardist/recording engineer (Lamarche, Solo artist): My creative goals for this year, 2021, are to learn some new recording software, create some new music in my home studio and to also collaborate with some friends once this corona thang is safer. I always seem to be creating something whether that is some laughter, or a new route to a destination. I do hope the world learns from this COVID situation and we create a better world, one person at a time. Everyone can do something toward that process. Peace!

Marlon Barnes, songwriter/percussionist (solo artist, Siren Valley, Janell Crampton): “So my goal is to write 112 songs. Its because my (maybe) favorite songwriter said anyone who considers themselves a songwriter and takes it seriously should at least be able to write a song a month and I’m exactly 100 songs behind right now. My goals are also to stop shopping at Walmart, literally slap my friend Kevin into next week, record two EPs and a secret mix-tape and master my new super powers.”

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