Art canvas

This art piece was created on a piece of canvas hung over the chainlink fence, prior to the Luicidal show.

With being on the road, commuting or traveling for work, adjusting for time is my latest challenge.

Something that happened months ago feels like a couple weeks. Weeks feel like days.

When I decided to review the Luicidal show happening at the American Legion, it was difficult to remember the last punk show I had attended, aside from DRI last October.

Even though I was attending to review the show, it would be nice to enjoy a Saturday night off — a rarity in the world of a stagehand or musician.

Upon arriving, I was greeted by old friends and acquaintances. That’s one distinct factor that defines our music scene. The faces become familiar — Andre barbecuing the burgers and ribs in the back, for example. The food paired well with some graffiti art by the S.M. Crew. In true punk fashion, they draped a long cloth canvas over the chainlink fence surrounding the property. While the sun was up, they created an ongoing piece of art while the festivities took place. Anytime art and food can be paired with live music, it enhances the experience.

The Downsides was the first act I caught for the evening, fronted by Dylan Revetti on guitar/lead vocals, Cole Patterson on bass and Malik Dugan on drums. They had a tinge of 2000s pop punk with a good dose of hard rock. It was hard to pinpoint their sound, which was very exciting. They’ve only been a band for about a year and already have a good sound on stage. Something that can take years to develop.

Next up were veteran punkers, Since We Were Kids. Even though they’re located in Victorville, they have solidified their place in the AV punk scene.

It was clear, they are seasoned musicians in how clear and tight their sound was. Led by Danny on vocals and guitar and Art on drums, these brothers have amazing chemistry together.

Their style is known as skate punk and this aesthetic is fully embraced by the band. I can’t say I’ve seen many bands selling their own skateboards but SWWK is one of them.

Subjective Right continued the old school vibe into their set. Although just as tight, their style differed from Since We Were Kids. The skate punk style is around two-and-a-half minute songs had a verse/chorus type of structure.

Subjective Right’s songs are about 30 seconds to a minute, very fast and aggressive. Picture angry jingles being hurled at you like an ambush. Led by Scott Howard on vocals and Steve Beaver on guitar, they are an OG hardcore band steeped in AV punk history. Now that they’re back together, hopefully we can expect to see more shows from them.

Co-headlining the event was Animals and Children, an LA-based band. Their musical background is very unique to the band. Drummer Jasmine Tomita and brother Sage on bass, are former music students at various colleges. Jasmine studied opera at the University of Redlands and Sage studied jazz. Alex on guitar completed the line-up.

Collectively, they have only been playing together about a year-and-a-half, but it certainly didn’t feel that way. They preformed their set with a punctuated intensity and had a refined stage banter that prevented a lull of energy. In many ways, they stole the show for me.

Next was the finale for the evening. Luicidal is lead by former Suicidal Tendencies bassist Louichi Mayorga. The set list featured music from his time in the legendary punk rock group.

The line-up also included RJ Herrera, a former ST member, on drums.

Their set contained a lot of deep cuts with a few hits, including “War Inside My Head” and “Institutionalized,” which Mayorga co-wrote.

Personally, I would have preferred more popular ST songs in their set. Also, some of the gaps between songs were a bit longer, for my taste. Overall, the set was well received by the crowd.

There hasn’t always been a constant flow of non-mainstream acts coming to town. Through our musical history, we have ebbs and flows for tours coming to town. Booking these acts is an almost thankless job.

I’d like to extend my thanks to Jaime and the crew at Sucka Punch Productions for taking on the task. I’ve been through it before and believe me, it’s no picnic.

If you have a weekend free and need some excitement, please go and support some live music in our town. You never know what can be found.

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